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Political Incorrect Global Freezing, At Least In Europe

By Daniel Downs

Thus far, America has experience one of the milded winters in history. The cause must be global warming–right?

Well, maybe not. Europe is being hammered with the realities of global freezing. Robert W. Felix reports the Sea of Azov froze trapping 100 vessels. The Dunabe has frozen cutting off access to 6 countries and halting sea-based trade. In Turkey, 2000 roads are blocked by heavy snow, 300 feet in some places. Survivors of the recent earthquake are now fighting to survive this disaster. The blast of snow is devestating Italy’s rural areas. Many villagers are trapped in 9 feet of snow. Hunfreds of barns have collapsed, animals killed, and crops destroyed. Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Czechs, and other nations are suffering the same kinds of losses. Serbians officials have cut power in hopes of preventing a total collapse of the national grid, according to the report. Temperatures of -30C to -40C is driving up the demand for power that the cannot be sustained.

The number of deaths is estimated at 550 and the number trapped by snow at 140,000.

The video below is a news report about the winter storm in Romania by Romanian Internet PorTv.

By all indications, America’s mild winter is not the result of global warming but rather the result either of the beginning of a new ice age or a swap of winter weather patterns.