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Eric Spicer (for State Representative) Should Not Go Unchallenged

By Sid Denton

Eric Spicer has been boasting that he is the only one running for State Representative that has met both private and public payrolls. This must not go unchallenged.

I knew Eric’s father for many years and the business that Eric is talking about is the carwash on Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek. His father built the carwash and was the owner of it. Eric was put in charge of it so he would have a job. Like all good fathers, he worried about Eric’s ability to support himself and right to the end, he was putting money by the hands full in it just to keep it afloat. Under Eric’s leadership, that business either went out of business or came very close to it before they dumped it. That’s not meeting a payroll that’s just the redistribution of his fathers’ money. As for his ability to run the Company, just ask those that had to sue him for not paying them. Court records show it to be in the tens of thousands and in some cases well over one hundred thousand dollars.

As for his assertion that he meets a public payroll, it is just one of the many ways that he shows his total disregard for taxpayers’ money. Because he by definition does not meet a payroll, he is just redistributing our money not his and when his union buddies want more money he comes to us to get more. I say his union buddies because he made it clear in an article that he wrote for the union where he stood. Now he is entitled to his position on unions. What he is not entitled to is thinking that the voters are foolish enough to believe that he can represent us the Republican voters and then come back to his union buddies. One of us will come out on the losing side of that deal and I’m sure we all know which one that will be. The Republican votes not his union buds.

But Eric like so many other liberals can’t just wait for something to come up where he can help the rank and file and Democrat Party. He has said on more then one occasion that he intends to keep his job with the Sheriffs Department. If elected to be our State Representative, he has said that his boss Sheriff Gene Fisher is willing to make allowances for him going to Columbus several times a week. Now either Sheriff Fisher is way over staffed or the contribution that Eric Spicer makes to his day-to-day operation is so minimal that it will go unnoticed. Whatever the case, we the Taxpayer–as is so often the case–will be the big losers. Not to mention what we would lose if he were to become our State Representative; then we lose on two fronts and paying for both of them. Let us not forget the fact that both the Sheriff Gene Fisher and Capt. Eric Spicer are probably in violation of the Federal Hatch Act, which doesn’t allow them to run or be engaged in a partisan campaign.

Why is it that Eric Spicer is so fast to attach guilt to others with out all the facts being presented? Could it be his attempt to avoid attention being pointed at himself about the fact that he was charged with Domestic Violence by his ex wife? Let us also not forget to ask him about his being charged with being a deadbeat Dad, after all these things go to caricature. By State law when a police officer is charged with such a crime, his gun is supposed to be taken away from him. In the Greene County Sheriffs Department, you are just moved up to Captain and then get the case expunged. There just doesn’t seem enough ways to count how often we the Taxpayer can be taken advantage of. But give a liberal like Eric and his Union Buds enough idle time and they will come up with new ways.