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Election Results: The Issues (updated)

The latest report from the Secretary of State shows the following:

Issue 1, the Constitutional Amendment increasing the age of at which a person may be elected or appoinnted judge, is losing. The percent of votes against the amendment are 62% and votes for it 38%.

Issue 2, the referendum to repeal the public employee collective bargaining reform law SB 5, is also losing. The percent of votes against SB 5 becoming law is 61% to 39% of the votes in favor of it.

Issue 3, the proposed Constitutional Amendment to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage, is winning by 2 to 1 margin. The percent of yes votes are 66% and 34% of the votes are against it.

The latest Greene County Board of Elections report shows the following levy results:

County Issues
Issue 14: Greene County Career Ctr – 52% for and 48% against
Issue 15: Greene Memorial Hospital – 61% for and 39% against

Local Issues: Xenia
Issue 13: Xenia Schools – 34% for and 66% against

Local Issues: Others
Issue 5: Cedarville Twp & Village – 69% for and 31% against
Issue 6: Jefferson Twp Fire – 68% for and 32% against
Issue 7: New Jasper Twp Roads – 45% for and 55% against
Issue 8: Spring Valley Twp – 65% for and 35% against
Issue 9: Sugarcreek Twp – 46% for and 54% against
Issue 10: Xenia Twp – 53% for and 47% against
Issue 11: Beavercreek Schools – 44% for and 56% against
Issue 12: Greenview Schools – 36% for and 64% against
Issue 17: City of Bellbrook – 46% for and 54% against
Issue 18: City of Bellbrook – 56% for and 44% against
Issue 19: City of Fairborn – 53% for and 47% against
Issue 20: City of Fairborn – 58% for and 42% against
Issue 21: Bowersville Village – 67% for and 33% against
Issue 22: Bowersville Village – 63% for and 37% against
Issue 23: Spring Valley Village – 66% for and 34% against

Voters apparently intend for their cities and villages to maintain services. Thus far, voters seem to be telling school districts they have already voted for enough emergency, operating, permanent improvement, and renewal levies-enough is enough. As far as the Career Center is concerned, it is still too close to call for the GCCC, but county votes apparently want Greene Memorial Hospital to keep up its facilites.

Voters appear to have bought the union message as well as the call to maintian personal freedom over health care choices. Could there be a contradiction or confusion of views here?