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Detroit Newspaper Calls For Birth Control Sterilants To Be Added To Public Water Supply

By Jonathan Benson

(NaturalNews) Why would you forcibly medicate the population with fluoride chemicals via the water supply when you could instead forcibly medicate them with birth control drugs? That seems to be the opinion of Nolan Finley, the editorial page editor at The Detroit News, who says that too many people on welfare are having babies in Detroit, Mich., and that adding birth control sterilants to the water supply just might be a good solution to the problem.

While seemingly intended to be a commentary on the immense burden that excessive pregnancies are on the social welfare system in the city — his focus seems to be on the city’s poor whose wombs are a “poverty factory”, his own words — Finley’s strongly-worded diatribe reads more like a page out of a eugenics manual. Seething with disgust over the dismal state of affairs in Detroit, Finley’s column makes some very drastic recommendations about how he thinks the state should handle the city’s higher-than-he-would-like birth rate.

In all reality, Detroit is the new poster child city for what happens when globalists take over a nation and destroy its industrial base. Rapidly decaying infrastructure, out-of-control crime, decimated industry, and a resultant mass exodus of middle and upper-class families are all the result of America’s deindustrialization, which is something for which the city’s poor were obviously not directly responsible.

And yet Finley seems to suggest that the city’s poor are a cause, rather than a consequence, of this raping and pillaging of the American economy. He goes on to suggest that the very same government responsible for causing the debacle in the first place became directly involved in “fixing it” by embracing a philosophy of “reproductive responsibility.” And one of his suggestions for doing this appears to be lacing the city’s water supply with contraceptive drugs.

He could be speaking tongue-in-cheek, of course. But he could also be dead serious. Based on his apparent belief that the government needs to get involved in regulating how many children a person can have, Finley seems to embrace a philosophy of reproductive responsibility that looks more like government-mandated population control.

n a recent analysis of Finley’s piece, Aaron Dykes over at InfoWars.com explains how such eugenicist ideas are rooted in corrupt, collectivist governments who want complete control over the population. The poor that are having too many babies, in other words, are a scapegoat for implementing outlandish public policy initiatives like adding chemicals to the water supply for the “greater good.”

This is exactly the argument that has long been used to support adding fluoride chemicals to the water supply. Poor families and their children, we are told, are all losing their teeth because of a lack of proper dental care, and the only way to fix it is to dump toxic fluoride waste into the water supply, 99 percent of which ends up going down the drain anyway (http://www.naturalnews.com/034499_fluoride_vans_water_supply.html).

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034977_water_supply_birth_control_Detroit.html

Jonathan Benson is staff writer at Natural News.

TMLC Appeals Ninth Circuit’s Anti-God Decision to the U.S Supreme Court

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it has appealed a controversial decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. The appeal was filed in the case of Bradley Johnson v. Poway Unified School District late last week.

For the past twenty-five years, Bradley Johnson, a high school math teacher at the Poway School District located in California had been displaying red, white and blue banners in his classroom that contained patriotic phrases such as: “In God We Trust, ” “One Nation Under God, ” and “God Bless America.”

He displayed the banners pursuant to a 30-year school district policy that permitted teachers to maintain classroom displays of non-curricular messages that reflected their personal opinions and values. In effect, the school district designated classroom walls as forum for the expression of the teacher’s private opinions and viewpoints.

However, in 2007 school officials ordered Johnson to remove his banners because they promoted a “Judeo-Christian” viewpoint.

In an outrageous case of double standard, school officials allowed other teachers to display non-Christian religious displays in their classrooms. These displays included a 40-foot string of Tibetan prayer flags with images of Buddha hung across a classroom, a poster with Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi’s “7 Social Sins;” a poster of Muslim leader Malcolm X; a poster of the Buddhist leader Dali Lama; and a poster containing the lyrics of John Lennon’s anti-religion song “Imagine, ” which begins, Imagine there’s no Heaven.

As a result, the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which defends the religious liberty of Christians, filed a federal lawsuit against the school district on behalf of Johnson.

On September 4, 2008, Federal District Judge Robert T. Benitez agreed with the Thomas More Law Center. He ruled that “Johnson was simply exercising his free speech rights on subjects that were otherwise permitted in the limited public forum created by Defendants” and that there was an “ongoing violation of his First Amendment free speech rights.”

However, the Poway School District appealed the ruling and a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Judge Benitez’s decision ruling that the school district was justified in removing banners that mentioned God, while leaving untouched the Tibetan Prayer flags and the images of Buddha.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center, commented, “This case is a prime example of how public schools across our nation are cleansing our classrooms of our Christian heritage while promoting atheism and other non–Christian religions under the guise of cultural diversity.”

Continued Thompson, “The Ninth Circuit Court’s rationale in allowing the Tibetan Prayer Flags and references to other religions while outlawing America’s patriotic slogans that mention God is unconvincing. Brad Johnson was simply exercising his free speech rights in a forum created by the school district to inform students of the religious foundations of our nation.”

Attempts to get a rehearing in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals failed, and so the Law Center pursued its only remaining option– a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari (appeal) to the United States Supreme Court.

Christmas and World Peace

By Daniel Downs

“Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:12)

During the days of Jesus, Augustus Caesar was the acclaimed prince of peace. This praise was without critical comment. Peace in the Roman Empire was not won by reasoned negotiation but by the power of the sword. In the book of Revelation, John sees a rider on a white horse. The rider went conquering and to conquer. This vision describes Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and many other leaders whose peace was packaged for subjugated peoples in terms of existence. Peace meant “my way or else.” A more accurate way of putting it would be don’t make me come back to deal with rebellion or with disruption of the flow of taxes or trade. Maintain law and order as well as tax payments and all will be well. That was the peace of Pax Romana.

In our modern Pax Americanus, the substance behind rhetoric of world peace is often about conflict over trade and disputes about the flow of goods like wheat, oil, and weapons. It is true that concern about the health and well-being of others is debated and money spent to resolve perceived problems. Yet, such concerns remain secondary to the kind of peace necessary for the continued growth in the global economy.

The issue of Middle East peace is one example. The on-going conflict between Israel, Palestinians, and Arabs may be religious and territorial in nature but our contemporary Caesars see the problem as an unnecessary disruption to the flow of goods regionally and globally. The not-so-powerful see the achievement of peace in the Middle East as an end to poverty among Palestinians. Others see poor Palestinians as one weapon of war against the continued existence of the Zionist state, which also means Arabs could have ended Palestinian poverty long ago.

In Pax Americana, liberal special interest groups often criticize Christian conservatives for focusing on politics rather than on the moral reform of individuals in society. Although valid to a point, the criticism is based on the belief that religion is not relevant to public policy affecting all aspects of daily life. The source of this belief is humanism or enlightenment rationalism exemplified by French intellectuals. This view was not held by most early Americans, which is one reason the liberal belief is erroneous. Because religion is both a world view encompassing life now and hereafter as well as a means to resolving problems, religion is crucial to politics.

In fact, religion is likely the only source to genuine peace.

Some will find such as statement outrageous because they see religion as one of the primary sources of violent human abuses, global conflicts, and war. Yet, the same can be said of secularists who have followed Marx such as communist leaders around the world. To the credit of secular statists, hundreds of millions of citizens as well as enemies have been tortured, maimed, and killed.

The mantra of secularists has been “you cannot legislate morality,” which by the way is the basis of peace. The opposite was held by the founders who regarded legislating immorality as an anti-law act. America’s inheritance of the rule of law concept goes back at least to the biblical accounts of the legal and consensus covenant between God and Israel and the development of their law codes and governing institutions. These in turn influenced the development of constitutional law in the American colonies.

The American experiment was the application of previous centuries of the Protestant (Puritan) struggle for religious freedom constituted by culture and law. The testimony of history is religion and bureaucratic power always result in human injustice, institutional led violence, and war. As noted above, the problem is not limited to religion but to ideologies instituted through power of governance. As the horrible news reported daily by the media proves, Calvinist-Puritans are still right about inherent depravity of humanity. It was this self-evident truth that led to the development of written legal compacts of which the US Constitution is one part and contract laws.

As the early Americans understood, peace is achieved by doing what is right according to the law of God and of nature. When laws, public policy, and behavior conform to this law, the result has to be peace. Only then will there be peace on earth and perpetual good will toward men, women, boys, and girls. International terrorism, wars, domestic violence, poverty, greed, envy, revenge, and the like will subside. Goods and services naturally will flow unhindered and without imperialist manipulations. Populations will control themselves without a death culture operated by paternal elitists.

That is exactly why the human race requires salvation by the only real prince of peace—Jesus Christ. Jesus entered the world on a peace mission. Many then and now see his death as mission failure. However, his death accomplished terms of reconciliation between God and humanity that know one else could achieve. His death paid the eternal price required to satisfy God’s justice concerning all of our moral crimes. He was raised from death in order to officiate over its implementation for every human. By accepting God terms of peace, each and all people will learn the way of peace. That is the reason Jesus commissioned his apostles to make disciples of all nations. Only then could there possibly be lasting peace on earth.

Many religions pursue peace as at least one, if not, the primary goal. However, most religious never really obtain peace with God. They miss the requirements of divine justice by only focusing on the necessary behaviors for right standing under God’s rightful rule. The problem is God cannot acquit (forgive) moral crimes committed any more than human judges do. The penalty for crimes committed must be paid. Good behavior before or after a moral crime is not sufficient to pay for the crime committed against God’s law. As the prophets and apostles proclaimed, “The soul that sins it shall die.” That is the price Jesus paid. His lordship guarantees the resources necessary to live right before God and thereby achieve the peace we all desire. Peace with God–the starting point to world peace.

To those who seek peace, Merry Christmas.

Sabbath Discussions : What is the mark of the Beast in Revelation, the Book

By Daniel Downs

Now that our government’s latest effort to raise taxes is over, I want to resume my discussion of Revelation. I guess here discussion means with a conversation with myself. Nevertheless, it’s my hope and prayer that those who read these posts will benefit from my mental brain storms–as it were.

Oh, yes, lest I forget; I don’t actually believe these discussions will help any pastor long in the ministry understand Revelation any more than I think such students of the Bible are confused by Revelation. If the one I referred to in my first post was serious, I ask for your fervent prayer on his behalf.

Now, that’s off my chest; let’s consider what the mark of the Beast is as described in Revelation chapter 13:16-18.

Based on current technological developments, prophecy teachers tell us that the mark is probably a microcomputer chip. These chips are already being used in GIS technology. They are being implanted in pets, livestock, and in human newborns. Linked to satellites, devices, animals, or people with embedded microchips can be tracked to within a few feet anywhere in the world. If linked to supercomputers where our government, medical, and financial records are stored, big brother can know anything about our every activity including all of our financial transactions. With traffic and other surveillance cameras going up in every place imaginable, big brother as envisioned by George Orwell in his novel 1984 will soon be a reality. All that will be needed is a paranoid socialist dictator reigning over the world.

As mentioned in Revelation 13:18, the mark is a number representing the dictatorial beast. It is also pointed out by prophecy experts that in the future embedded chips will most likely possess the beast’s number or code to screen non-members of his global anti-religion club, which is another reason to suspect this beast will be a good socialist or secularist. Membership in this end time global anti-god club is voluntary. It is truly egalitarian. Its membership consists of rich and poor, famous and infamous, slaves and free citizens from all nationalities of the world. (13:16) Thus, under this tyrannical socialist dictator, racial prejudice is a thing of the past. The final bigotry of humanity to be eradicated is god-fearing haters of greed, oppression, immorality, falsehood, and the like. Consequently, those who refuse to join the club will likely loose their lives here on terra firma. (13:15)

One of the beautiful things about having everyone in the world embedded with a traceable microchip is how much greater the convenience in conducting financial transactions like buying and selling. Instead of wasting time getting paper and credit cards out of your pockets, billfold, or purse, all members of the global anti-god club will have to do is pass their hand or forehead past a scanner. It will be very similar to moving bar coded merchandise over scanners at most retailers today. Again, most non-members will not have to worry about this change because most will not be alive.

It’s true; socialist-secularism does not bode well for dissenters. History proves that much.

If we dig a little deeper (and here I’m not referring to a grave), we will find a few more valuable nuggets of knowledge. In the prophecies of Ezekiel, God sends an angel to mark the people on their forehead who were burdened by the evils done in Israel. (Ezek. 9:1-4). Concerning the rest, God ordered them to be killed. (9:5-8) Why? Divine justice demands unrelenting crime to be abolished. Those whose foreheads were marked for protection demonstrated their moral and emotional fidelity to the covenantal law of God. They choose not be become callous and numb to evil because of its acceptance and prevalence. They choose to suffer the pains of self-discipline and fidelity instead. That this is about a mental determination on the part of the marked and unmarked is further supported by God’s instruction to Ezekiel at the beginning of his calling:

“Son of man, go to the house of Israel and speak My words to them. For you are not being sent to a people of unintelligible speech or difficult language … whose words you cannot understand. But, I have sent you to them who should listen to you; yet the house of Israel will not listen to you, since they are not willing to listen to Me. Surely the whole house of Israel is stubborn and obstinate. Behold, I have made your face as hard as their faces and your forehead as hard as their foreheads…. Do not be afraid of them or be dismayed before them, though they are a rebellious house.” (2:4-9)

The same moral fidelity is also represented by the 144,000 undefiled Jewish bondservants whose foreheads are seal in chapter 7 of Revelation.

Here in chapter 13, the opposite is the case. Those whose foreheads are sealed with the mark of the latest and greatest dictator are as immoral, unfaithful, and anti-Christ as the he is. The famous mark, 666, thus symbolizes the trinity of modern secularism consisting of statism, humanism and socialism. This modern secular trinity is the allegiance of Satan disguised as the worship of humanity and self. It reflects the taboo of secularism and naturalism that claims god-is-dead or never existed while making the state the almighty and humanistic science its religion. This is similar to the Roman faithful making Caesar a god and building the temple of Caesar in Pergamum. Jesus assures us that this is where Satan seat of power or governance was located. (Rev. 3:13)

Jesus said, “Your heart is where your treasure is.” (Mat. 6:21) I think I remember a preacher once saying during an offertory that it is where your allegiance is as well. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a preacher taking an offering, but it applies nonetheless. Our fidelity to the covenantal law of faith in Jesus Christ is why the Spirit of God seals our foreheads as a token assurance of eternal life in God’s kingdom. (2 Cor. 1:22; Eph.1:31-14; Eph. 4:30)

Our mind and emotions cannot be disconnected from our eternal spirit.

According to the Apostle Paul, we are to …

“live no longer as the Gentiles live, in the futility of their mind, being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart; and they, having become callous, have given themselves over to sensuality for the practice of every kind of impurity with greediness. But you did not learn Christ in this way, if indeed you have heard of Him and have been taught in Him, just as the truth is in Jesus, that in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit, and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness and truth.” (Eph. 4:17-24)