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Putting a Harness on Washington’s Reckless Spending

By Congressman Steve Austria

Many of you have contacted my office to express your concerns for our nation’s economic future and the reckless spending that’s occurring in Washington. Our nation is facing a debt crisis that threatens our economy, national security and the future of our children. Families in Ohio and across this nation are tightening their own belts and living within their means, and it is time for the federal government to do the same with American’s hard-earned tax dollars.

This year, I co-sponsored and strongly supported two bills that provided a solution for real change to our nation’s spending practices. The Cut, Cap and Balance Act (H.R. 2560) and the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution (H. J. Res. 2) called for cuts in our current federal spending levels and caps for the future spending by Congress. The Balanced Budget Amendment required Congress not to spend more than it receives in revenues while also providing a limited exception in times of war and serious military conflicts.

Yesterday, the House passed the Middle Class Tax and Job Creation Act, which I supported. This bill will help to ease the burden on hardworking families by extending reduced tax rates and creating job incentives without raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, while cutting discretionary spending by over $80 billion in the next ten years.

It is no mystery that Washington must get its fiscal house in order. Spending cuts are essential to helping put our country back on a fiscally-sustainable path that will create jobs in the private sector and strengthen the economy for our children and grandchildren.

Pleased be assured that I am listening to you and share your concerns of an over-reaching government and the increasing surge in federal spending we’ve seen this Congress. I remain committed to principles of smaller, more accountable government; economic freedom; lower taxes; fiscal responsibility; and providing for strong national security.