Subway essay contest for homeschoolers too

Dayton Daily News staff writer Kelli Wynn’s reported on Subway’s exclusion of home-schoolers from its current essay contest.

The contest had four purposes:

1. Get more people to buy more Subway goodies.
2. Encourage to kids to be more physically active.
3. To support local school physical education with donations.
3. Give kids an opportunity to use their communication skills for fun.

Parents like Jen Hunter of Kettering are not happy with Subway.

“Hunter said her 11-year-old son, Jonah, loves Subway and would have liked to have entered the contest called Every Sandwich Tells a Story,” wrote Wynn. Hunter called Subway and complained about the exclusionary rules.

Obviously, Subway took Hunter seriously because there is now an official Every Sandwich Tells A Story contest coming that will include home-schoolers too. Here is what Subway’s contest page for home-schoolers says:

We at SUBWAY® restaurants place a high value on education, regardless of the setting, and have initiated a number of programs and promotions aimed at educating our youth in the areas of health and fitness.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who feels excluded by our current essay contest. Our intention was to award the grand prize of $5000 in athletic equipment to a traditional school with the unfortunate knowledge that many schools are removing physical education from their curriculum. Knowing this, we would be able to impact as many children as possible with this prize.

To address the inadvertent limitation of our current contest and provide an opportunity for even more kids to have the benefit from prizing that encourages physical activity, we are creating an additional contest in which home schooled students will be encouraged to participate. When the kids win, everyone wins!

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