Statewide Poll of 1,800 Registered Voters Shows Ohioans Ready for Big Fixes

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions today released a statewide poll of 1,800 registered voters that shows Ohioans are at odds with their government leaders on the major issues of the day, especially on government compensation, regulations, and Ohio’s pro-union policies. Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies of Broomfield, Colorado, conducted the poll on July 19, 2010, via an autodial survey of registered voters from across Ohio. Because of the large sample, the survey has a margin of error of 2.31%.

Here are some top-line numbers:

· 50% think government leaders should first reduce government worker compensation to eliminate the $8 billion
budget state deficit;
· Only 16% think taxes should be increased to eliminate the Ohio deficit;
· 52% think Ohio’s state and local taxes are too high;
· 56% think Ohio’s regulatory environment makes it harder for businesses to create jobs and grow;
· 85% think workers should be free to choose whether to join a labor union to get a job; and
· 67% think we should stick with coal or add nuclear and natural gas energy.

Other than for government workers who think cutting compensation and cutting services are equally appealing, every other demographic group chose cutting government compensation as the top choice to cut the deficit. Except for one group, every demographic group thinks Ohio’s taxes are too high by a majority or plurality.

On Ohio’s regulatory environment, every demographic group by a majority or plurality feels our regulations make it harder for businesses to create jobs and grow. The most stunning result is that all demographic groups support a worker’s freedom to choose whether or not to join a union to get a job with all but five groups polling at over 80 percent. A whopping 93% of Republicans, 87.7% of Independents, and 77.2% of Democrats want workers to have the freedom to choose.

Buckeye Institute President Matt A. Mayer noted, “It is clear Ohioans believe that business as usual is not sustainable. As always, common sense Ohioans are ahead of the politicians. I hope our elected officials follow the people and don’t just say, but do the right thing to get Ohio growing and prosperous again.”

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