Stop Gov. Kaisch from Selling Roads to the Highest Bidder

Don’t let Governor Kasich sell or lease the Ohio turnpike. Why should we pay foreigners for the privilege of riding on our own money-generating highway system that we built and paid for? It is currently earning approximately $250 million a year for Ohio. We would only gain a one-time infusion of additional money to pay current bills that your kids and future generations will be paying for many years to come.

This sale has major functional problems. Previous sales in other states have lessened their ability maintain and care for their roads and has prevented them from implementing needed expansion. This has also curtailed their ability to make proper decisions that affect local businesses.

We will have inadequate control of future toll increases. Indiana mistakenly sold their toll road system to a foreign company. Drivers complain that the prices have doubled over 5 years. The cost to travel the Ohio turnpike today is $15; in just 5 years time your cost could be $30 or more!

Tell Governor Kasich Ohio is NOT for sale!

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