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Gov. Kaisch’s Seeks More Control Over Medicare-Medicaid

At the Republican Governors Assocaition Annual Conference, Governor Kaisch encourage other state governors to join him is demanding federal government give them the flexibility to manage federally-funded medicare and medicaid programs in their states.

“If the federal government would give us the flexibility to manage Medicaid, and that doesn’t mean spend federal dollars on highway projects, like they were doing 15 or 20 years ago, but give us the ability to manage Medicaid, I have no doubt that we would cover more people at a lower price with a better quality outcome.”

Source: Columbus Dispatch, December 2, 2011.

Stop Gov. Kaisch from Selling Roads to the Highest Bidder

Don’t let Governor Kasich sell or lease the Ohio turnpike. Why should we pay foreigners for the privilege of riding on our own money-generating highway system that we built and paid for? It is currently earning approximately $250 million a year for Ohio. We would only gain a one-time infusion of additional money to pay current bills that your kids and future generations will be paying for many years to come.

This sale has major functional problems. Previous sales in other states have lessened their ability maintain and care for their roads and has prevented them from implementing needed expansion. This has also curtailed their ability to make proper decisions that affect local businesses.

We will have inadequate control of future toll increases. Indiana mistakenly sold their toll road system to a foreign company. Drivers complain that the prices have doubled over 5 years. The cost to travel the Ohio turnpike today is $15; in just 5 years time your cost could be $30 or more!

Tell Governor Kasich Ohio is NOT for sale!

Gov. Kaisch and Senator Brown’s Battle for Ohio Taxpayer Money

Govenor Kaisch has decided to drop out of the National Governor’s Association (NGA), according to the Columbus Dispatch. Kaisch wants to save Ohio the $176,000 annual dues. Moreover, he claims the costs are greater than the benefits. Of course, the NGA’s recent report that spot lighted some of Kaisch’s budget balancing cuts as among the biggest in the nation might influenced his decision just a little bit.

While Gov. Kaisch is trying to save the state money, Senator Sherrod Brown want to increase the cost of government in Ohio. Brown is seeking donation to campaign agianst Ohio newly revised public employee collective bargaining law known as Sentate Bill 5. It’s understandable why Senator Brown is stumping against SB5. If he stuck to just making federal laws, his collective baragaing union voters would likely vote for someone else the next election.

Readers might have guessed that this blogger favors SB5. Saving taxpayers money is a good thing. Reformation that benefits non-union workers and taxpayers is a good thing too. Even better is local and state representatives enabled to represent the best interest of their community taxpayers rather than being hamstrung by rigid collective bargaining law that favor the public unions. And inspite of the growing number of public employees, the majority of Ohio workers are not members of any union.

If memory serves, Governor Kaisch signed SB5 into law.

Driving Job Away From Ohio

By Jeff Putman

Just when I was beginning to think that Gov Kasich might be not a RINO after all (supporting SB-5), he goes and appoints Jim Leftwich to head up the Ohio Department Of Development.

Leftwich is a leftist in more than just name only. As head of the Dayton Development Coalition, he maintained a policy of making the Dayton area economy COMPLETELY dependent on federal spending. Substantial amounts of DDC money have been spent on DC lobbyists. Read that again. Your Ohio tax dollars are being used to pay DC lobbyists!

A year ago, on WHIO radio, DDC said that they were surprised to learn that no other economic development agency in the country was doing anything like that. They had just always assumed that hiring lobbyists is the normal way
that everyone does business. It had never occurred to them that anyone might see anything questionable about it.

Leftwich populated DDC with mindless yes men who, with cult-like obedience, carried out a policy whose legality is questionable at best. Good managers hire people who think for themselves, who offer their insights and contribute
to everyone’s understanding. Leftwich, who before joining DDC, spent his career with the federal government being trained to systematically eliminate anyone who dares to think for himself. Such people are condemned as “not team

The “entrepreneurial development” side of DDC is also devoted to federal dependency. All of the entrepreneurs they assist are federal government contractors. Entrepreneurs that go to DDC with proposals to make products for
sale to the general public are ignored.

Where is this policy leading us? Where will the federal government get the money to pay all these contractors if there’s no civilian economy left? Where will the parasite get its food after it’s sucked its host dry?

DDC has ignored dozens of new products that could have been in production by now. Thousands of new jobs could have been created. And now it looks like this policy is going to be implemented statewide. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to help build Ohio’s civilian economy, don’t expect any help from ODOD. Myself, I’m looking to other states.