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National Federation of Republican Women Mobilizes Support For for Violence Against Women Act


Calls on Democrats to Stop Exploiting Women for Political Gain

The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) is mobilizing its 75,000 members across the nation to take action in showing support for Republican lawmakers’ efforts to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, as well as to refute lies being perpetuated by Democrats regarding Republican support for this legislation.

Passed in 1994 with bipartisan support, the Violence Against Women Act provides funding to fight domestic violence and sexual assault, and increases criminal penalties against perpetrators of these crimes. Congress reauthorized the bill in 2000 and 2005, both times with unanimous, bipartisan Senate support.

But unfortunately in this divisive election year, instead of quietly reauthorizing the bill as in years past, Democrats are attempting to ram through unreasonable expansions to the legislation that, among other things, will add to the deficit, which is already dangerously out of control. And, because Republicans do not support this expansion, Democrats are deceitfully spreading the falsehood that Republicans do not support reauthorization of the bill.

“We are not going to sit back and let Democrats spread an out-and-out lie that Republicans do not support the Violence Against Women Act,” NFRW President Rae Lynne Chornenky says. “Republicans absolutely support reauthorization, and are, in good faith, working toward this end.

“The truth is, Democrats are using this legislation to create a wedge issue in this highly-charged election year. Democrat lawmakers seem less concerned with protecting our nation’s women than with scoring political points that will help keep them in power come November. It is revolting that women — especially those who are victims of domestic violence — are being exploited for political gain, and it must stop.”

Domestic violence is a serious problem in our nation. Several of the NFRW’s 75,000 members bare the figurative and literal scars of domestic violence, including Republican Congresswoman Sandy Adams, who has taken a lead role in ensuring that the bill is successfully reauthorized before it expires in September.

The NFRW has asked its members to contact the White House and Democrat elected officials to urge them to stop the outrageous, irresponsible rhetoric and political scheming, and to instead focus on developing a workable solution to reauthorization.

Founded in 1938, the NFRW has thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation and in several U.S. territories, making it one of the largest women’s political organizations in the country. The grassroots organization works to promote the principles and objectives of the Republican Party, elect Republican candidates, inform the public through political education and activity, and increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government. For more information about the NFRW, visit www.nfrw.org.

Sandra O’Brien Best Candidate for Secretary of State

If you read my previous post titled Right to Life Candidate Endorsements, you noticed at the end a favorable report of both John Michel’s and Sandra O’Brien’s pro-life candidacy. In this post, I want to elaborate on why O’Brien is the best candidate for Secretary of State.

In the past post, I wrote about a letter written by past state representative Diana Fessler to the Liberty Council in which Fessler exposes Jon Husted’s deceptive advertisements that touts his saving prayer in the House of Representatives. After further research, I found supporting evidence that the content of Fessler’s recent letter is true. For example, Ohio Christian Alliance reported the following on October 7, 2007:

On May 16th of this year, the Clerk’s Office at the Ohio Statehouse sent a memorandum to all House members in regard to the Guest Minister Prayer Policy after a protest was filed by minority leader Democrat Chris Redfern (80th District) and Democrat Robert Hagan (60th District) who objected to the prayer offered by Pastor Keith Hamblen, a guest of State Rep. Matt Huffman (R-4th District). Their objection to Pastor Hamblen’s prayer was that he had prayed in the name of Jesus and that he had referenced legislation that was to be voted on in the Ohio House that day.”

As Fessler letter indicates, the intent of the memo was to implement a policy that would censor the name of Jesus from all opening session prayers.

The Alliance report continued:

The memo from the Clerk’s office informed House members that a prayer policy that had been adopted in 2001 during Rep. Larry Householder’s Speakership, but never enforced, was now going to be enforced, at the Speaker’s urging. The policy called for ministers to submit a copy of their prepared remarks at least 72 hours prior to the session day for which they were scheduled to pray. “If it is determined that the prayer is of a denominational, sectarian, or proselytizing nature, we will ask for it to be changed to conform to the guidelines.”

The speaker of the House was none other than Republican Jon Husted.

The Alliance report rightly concluded “[i]t was clear that the action taken by the Clerk’s office was oppressive and discriminating toward Christian ministers.” However, the Clerk was merely the scribe of the memo not it source. Husted was the source who borrowed from a unenforced liberal policy.

As the Alliance Defense Fund press releases state, it was Diana Fessler who initiated legal action against Husted’s oppressive policy. It was Fessler, not Husted, who saved prayer in the House. Husted was the problem. (See also a letter by Fessler published by Citizen USA; To see information provided by the Alliance Defense Fund about this case, go to here and here)

If Husted is lying about this and about his Tea Party affiliation, what else is he lying about.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Ohio Tea Party officials’ denouncement of any affiliation with Husted. In fact, they claim a general hostility of entrenched GOP politicians like Husted to the Tea Party movement. “Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda.” Husted’s record demonstrates his opposition to Tea Party values such as reduced government spending and debt, limited government, and the like. (To read the article, go here.)

Sandra O’Brien is an Ohio Tea Party favorite. Unlike Husted, she is also a real pro-life supporter. Husted has proven to be a pro-lifer for votes. Other wise he has supported pro-abortion candidates against pro-lifer. One of those candidates was O’Brien during the 2006 Republican primaries.

Sandra O’Brien is a genuine social and fiscal conservative. She deserves Republican and independent vote for Secretary of State, not Husted.

Don’t believe me? Good, check her website out for yourself.

UD Professor of History Dr. Larry Schweikart Endorses Virgil Vaduva Candidate for Greene County Commission

Today the Dayton Daily News Editorial Board endorsed my opponent, Mr. Alan Anderson and chose him to be “the better pick” as a Greene County Commissioner, at least in their opinion. They wrote that Mr. Anderson, the incumbent, was the “more go-along-get-along kind of person” as opposed to someone like me, who has “fringe ideas” and is unwilling to toe the line set by the GOP liberal leadership. You can read the entire poorly-written, error-ridden editorial here: http://tinyurl.com/y7maogv

The truth is my friends that the DDN endorsement of my opponent is an illustration of a sad situation, that we as a nation, state and county have come to a place where freedom, liberty, and freedom to homeschool and live apart from government intrusion are all seen as being on the fringe. Those willing to “go along” are nodded-upon and endorsed to be part of the political and electoral process. It is sad, is it not?

In my interview with DDN I spoke frankly about my views of government, taxation, freedom and liberty. I spoke about the Children Services and their harassment of homeschooling families and the super-inflated budget of that organization. I spoke against the high taxes in our county and the responsibility that the Greene County Republicans have to their principles of small government and low taxation, regardless of the level of government. As a result, my ideas were described as “fringe” and my opponent was endorsed. But fortunately, the outcome of an election does not depend on the GOP or the Dayton Daily News; it is up to the voters to make sound choices. Therefore I am asking you, friends and registered voters to let your friends and family members know that right now and on May 4, they have a chance to vote for a real conservative, a real Republican, unwilling to compromise on any principles of freedom, liberty and taxation.

So I am proudly presenting to you an endorsement given to me by Dr. Larry Schweikart, University of Dayton Professor of History, author of A Patriot’s History of the United States, 7 Events that Made America America and 48 Liberal Lies about American History. Dr. Schweikart has been a guest on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News, and on the Rush Limbaugh show, and he submitted the following endorsement for my campaign:

“I have known Virgil Vaduva to be someone who deeply cares about freedom, liberty and the American way of life. Virgil’s past which involved life in a Communist country and business ownership shaped him into someone who is experienced and can handle the hard hits of life and politics. His desire to serve and participate in the political life here in the Dayton area is genuine and I believe that he can deliver what Greene County needs today, a real conservative candidate willing and able to pursue the real changes needed today by the GOP.

The political atmosphere in the area is in dire need of new faces, and Virgil is one of them, so it is my pleasure to offer my endorsement for his candidacy for Green County Commissioner.”

Here is an alternative to politics as usual

Gallup polls show voters are not satisfied with the performance of politicians of either party. For many there is a sense that one party is about as bad as another. Whether Democrat or Republican, it is very unlikely that meaningful and lasting change will ever occur.

Xenia has been a bastion of Republican politics for many years. The same can be said for Greene County as well. Few Democrats have been able to get their foot in the door or to stay in government very long. I think that is a good thing.

The more I learn the more I see Democrats as a party against the traditions of America. I mean legal, economic, religious, and moral traditions. Democrats and other secular fundamentalist have redefined those traditions in the attempts to create a culture where they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want. Democrats represent Soviet-style socialism and anarchism, which has been inhibited somewhat by a majority who claim to hold traditional values and views and the Constitution. Democrat socialism is what state welfare is all about. The sexual revolution, easy divorce, single parenting, single parent poverty, gay rights, aids, abortion, sex-related violence represent their ideology and its outcomes. So is lawlessness. They have achieved all of those blessings of anarchy not by changing the Constitution but lying to state officials and judges to get their way. Legal history shows what they mean by Separation of Church and State is not what Congress agreed to either in 1791 or 1871. Congress rejects their attempts to amend the First Amendment to include the phrase separation of church and state or rather separation of religion and its morality from the state and public policy. Yet, they achieved a large measure of their goal through arbitrary rulings of federal courts. That is why I hope Democrats never get their foothold in local politics.

The problem is some Republican insiders have demonstrated they are almost as corrupt as the Democrats. Like in marriage, truth and faithfulness is synonymous to trust. Trust is rock of good relationships. When trusted politicians lie to their constituency, they loose both credibility and trust. That means they no longer deserve to represent the people. It is unfortunate that Steve Austria is that kind of politician. If his mentor had run for office again, I would have voted for someone else. Why? He started compromising with the Democrats voting with them in support of the gay agenda. In other place, Republicans are doing the same. They are beginning to compromise on moral and social values issues not just on economic ones.

Pres. Bush along with Congress declared war against an elusive enemy not merely to rid the world of so-called terrorists but to reenact the cold war and its economic benefits by another name. Corporate finance was built upon war. Wall Street has grown by leaps and bounds to fund war and war technologies. America is one, if the number 1, supplier of arms and other military goods and services. America government is the big consuming Pit Bull of the world. Because it is, the impoverishing machine keeps talking about alleviating poverty and creating new public programs to do so while maintaining it and often increasing the number on their hit list. It is a partnership of public and corporate governance.

An alternative to business and politics as usual does exist. It is called the Constitutional Party. It represents the founding political, economic, moral, and social tradition of the American experiment. The Constitutional Party purposefully seeks to reinstate the kind of public policies informed by the wise counsels of history. That is what the founders did when they created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That is purpose of common law precedent, which today is selective used for political agendas. The Constitutional Party endorsed John Mitchel, a local Greene County’s candidate, who was running to carry that goal to Congress in November.

The Constitutional Party is one whose platform Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims, and Americans who still value the traditions of liberty and human rights informed by morality can support. A couple of excerpts from the party’s preamble will show why:

The goal of the Constitution Party of Ohio is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries.

The Constitution of the United States provides that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” The Constitution Party of Ohio supports the original intent of this language. Therefore, the Constitution Party of Ohio calls on all those who love liberty and value their inherent rights to join with us in the pursuit of these goals and in the restoration of these founding principles.

The U.S. Constitution established a Republic rooted in Biblical law, administered by representatives who are constitutionally elected by the citizens. In such a Republic all Life, Liberty and Property are protected because law rules.

That history makes clear that left unchecked, it is the nature of government to usurp the liberty of its citizens and eventually become a major violator of the people’s rights; and

That, therefore, it is essential to bind government with the chains of the Constitution and carefully divide and jealously limit government powers to those assigned by the consent of the governed.

As previously stated, Democrats and other secular fundamentalist oppose those founding principles. They have and are usurping our liberty and the rule of law.

The Constitutional Party is guided by seven key principles, which are:

1. Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;

2. Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;

3. Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;

4. Property: Each individual’s right to own and steward personal property without government burden;

5. Constitution: and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;

6. States’ Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government is reserved for the state and local jurisdictions;

7. American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.

For the Constitutional Party to become a viable contender in local, state, and national politics, Americans must join the party and demand its inclusion in campaign coverage and debates. It is not too late to start.

To learn more, visit the Ohio Constitutional Party website.