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Israel’s Unprogressive Tea Party

By Paul Eidleberg

Going back to the original, the Boston Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because they believed that it violated their right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives. The Boston Tea Party was a key event in the development of the American Revolution began near Boston in 1775.

Recall its famous slogan, “No taxation without representation.” This slogan is quite applicable to the people of Israel. The highly taxed citizens of this so-called democracy have had no real representation ever since the founding of the State 62 years ago. As I have often explained, Israel’s government makes the entire county a single electoral district. This compels citizens to vote for fixed party lists—really party oligarchs—and not for individual candidates. As a consequence, members of the Knesset are not individually accountable to the voters in regional elections. I am referring to geographical districts the size of which would make the voters more familiar with the character and abilities of the elected, while making the elected more familiar with the needs, opinions, and interests of their electors.

That the Tea Party is opposed to territorial retreat and the creation of an Arab Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is of course commendable. But it hasn’t the foggiest notion of how to accomplish this objective, which a complete overhaul of the SYSTEM of government that has brought Israel to its present existential crisis. From the Tea Party we will get more of the old propaganda, more of the old like newspaper ads, more of the old demonstrations, to which add one or two futile conferences at some hotel in Jerusalem. Typically absent is a program of structural reform to preclude the path of treason on which the present government is treading.

If the Tea Party was serious, it would arouse the people by telling them the truth that Israel is not a genuine democracy. Israel is living a lie that only serves the interests of its ruling elites. While the Knesset may not be as far away as London, its members might as well be on the moon. It’s a demonstrable fact that Israel’s political parties—religious as well as non-religious—repeatedly betray the trust their voters. A few examples must suffice.

Against its pledge to the nation during the 1992 election campaign, the Labor Party engaged in negotiations with PLO in contravention of Israeli law. In that same election, the religious Shas Party, which had pledged it would not join a Labor-Meretz government, did so for government perks and positions. These betrayals of the voters precipitated the Oslo Agreement of 1993 and the subsequent murder and maiming of thousands of Jews.

In 1999, no less than 29 MKs betrayed their voters in the democratic state of Israel by hopping over to rival parties. But the prize for political betrayal in the only democracy in the Middle East belongs to the Likud Party, known by some fools as “the trunk of the nation.” In 2003, the Likud adopted the Labor Party’s policy of “unilateral disengagement” from Gaza, a policy the Likud had campaigned against, indeed, a policy rejected by at least 70 percent of the voters.

Returning to the Tea Party, one of its two organizers, whose name I deign to ignore, not only opposed direct personal election of Knesset members in regional elections—the practice of almost every democracy—but he also opposed raising the electoral threshold from 1.5 to 2 percents, a threshold that makes it impossible to form a majority government. Instead we have Israel’s divisive, irresolute, and corrupt system of multiparty cabinet government—a form of government that has enabled the United States to interfere more readily in the making of Israel’s foreign policies.

Yet the leaders of the Tea Party are called “nationalists”! They seem more concerned about making it easier for party hacks to enter the Knesset and stay there.

If Israel’s Tea Party was a genuine nationalist movement, it would want to make the PEOPLE sovereign, and for starters, this can only be done by making MKs individually accountable to the voters in multidistrict elections.

Other serious reforms are required to empower the people of Israel, which I have discussed innumerable times in articles, books, and in radio interviews. So I can’t get excited about the Tea Party. It needs a leadership that has not been compromised by being part of the SYSTEM. It lacks a well-thought out program of political reform. We need something stronger than tea to save Israel from what is nothing less than a terminal disease.

States’ Rights and Nullification?

By Andy Myers

Are you kidding me. Of course I’m for it. Why? Well for one thing it was paramount in establishing limited government so that we could enjoy what so eloquently was stated in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This of course was just a pretext leading up to even more limitations upon the government as the Constitution outlines in Article I Section 8.

So why then with the supreme law of limited government so expressly written by the founders could so many have such difficulty in understanding limited and government? Granted those two words define irony.

Fortunately though these statesmen came up with these amazing amendments to the Constitution called the Bill of Rights. Now these aren’t your rights. These are restrictions and limitations put upon the government so that you could enjoy the unalienable rights mentioned above. But wait. It gets even better. To make sure, as if it wasn’t clear enough that government was to be limited to the extent that the states and the people were to be sovereign, they included the ninth and tenth amendments which in a nutshell says, Article I Sect. 8 is ALL the powers you are granted and that if it isn’t in that clause..to bad Jack–the power is retained in the States and or the people. You really only need a grade school education and a little common sense to vindicate this side of the rule of law.

But the declaration above cannot survive the atmosphere of big government that we have today.

In his commentary published on Friday in Xenia Daily Gazette’s Opinion section, Steven Conn was correct when he said, “Lincoln was really the first ‘big government’ president.” And he was correct in pointing out the irony of the tea party folks holding a rally in front of a memorial of a president who shredded the “rule of law” which is what the tea party folks are supposedly championing-limited government, states rights, individual liberty, free markets and a limited foreign policy based on our charter documents.

I guess in today’s mental climate the above stated declaration and the rule of law is just some “blank piece of paper” according to a recent executive and too many others. All three branches have been treasonous and both major parties are guilty of crimes against the very documents they swore to uphold.

But, Mr. Conn is wrong in that “states rights” aren’t an avenue worth exploring. The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798-99 proved the threat of nullifying or interposing unconstitutional laws gave the states-and the people the last say-so. Thomas Jefferson put it plain and simple when he said,

“When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks of one government upon the other, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from what we separated.”

Folks, what makes America unique is are uniqueness. We are not a one-size fits all people. Human nature will never allow it and until we accept the fact that what may be good for you might not be good for me, government is going to continue to enslave us. States’ Rights and Nullification is a tool that brings power back to the people. It has worked in several states issues such as Real ID, Firearms Freedom Acts, Medical Marijuana Acts just to name three. You as an individual wouldn’t come onto my property and threaten me with force to live and do as you see fit. So why then would you appoint a group of people-government to do what you cannot or would not do as an individual? That is tyranny. Which even a fifth grader understands is the opposite of liberty

Andy Myers is a resident of Jamestown and is a policy analyst for The Ohio Freedom Alliance.

NAACP Resolution Calling Tea Party Movement Racist Is False, Inflammatory

The Dayton Tea Party Founder & President Rob Scott released a statement today about today’s vote from The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Convention in Kansas City claiming the Tea Party Movement has racist undertones: “The actions of the NAACP are purely false, inflammatory and outrageous. The NAACP going down this road shows their organization is but a mere political tool for the current catastrophic government policies occurring throughout the United States.

The Dayton Tea Party’s mission is one that benefits all races. The organization supports the free market, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and respect for the U.S. Constitution. We call on the NAACP to repudiate their claims that the Tea Party movement is racist or has racist undertones,” said Rob Scott, President & Founder of the Dayton Tea Party.

The NAACP resolution makes reference to an incident in March when Tea Party protesters allegedly hurled racial epithets at black lawmakers on Capitol Hill ahead of the government run health care vote. Since then, no evidence
was produced to show any racist attacks despite a reward of $100,000 being offered to prove the matter.

The Dayton Tea Party is a nonprofit corporation that is a grassroots and nonpartisan group opposed to wasteful government spending.

The Tea Party is made up of students, homemakers, working people, and professionals from all political spectrums.

Sandra O’Brien Best Candidate for Secretary of State

If you read my previous post titled Right to Life Candidate Endorsements, you noticed at the end a favorable report of both John Michel’s and Sandra O’Brien’s pro-life candidacy. In this post, I want to elaborate on why O’Brien is the best candidate for Secretary of State.

In the past post, I wrote about a letter written by past state representative Diana Fessler to the Liberty Council in which Fessler exposes Jon Husted’s deceptive advertisements that touts his saving prayer in the House of Representatives. After further research, I found supporting evidence that the content of Fessler’s recent letter is true. For example, Ohio Christian Alliance reported the following on October 7, 2007:

On May 16th of this year, the Clerk’s Office at the Ohio Statehouse sent a memorandum to all House members in regard to the Guest Minister Prayer Policy after a protest was filed by minority leader Democrat Chris Redfern (80th District) and Democrat Robert Hagan (60th District) who objected to the prayer offered by Pastor Keith Hamblen, a guest of State Rep. Matt Huffman (R-4th District). Their objection to Pastor Hamblen’s prayer was that he had prayed in the name of Jesus and that he had referenced legislation that was to be voted on in the Ohio House that day.”

As Fessler letter indicates, the intent of the memo was to implement a policy that would censor the name of Jesus from all opening session prayers.

The Alliance report continued:

The memo from the Clerk’s office informed House members that a prayer policy that had been adopted in 2001 during Rep. Larry Householder’s Speakership, but never enforced, was now going to be enforced, at the Speaker’s urging. The policy called for ministers to submit a copy of their prepared remarks at least 72 hours prior to the session day for which they were scheduled to pray. “If it is determined that the prayer is of a denominational, sectarian, or proselytizing nature, we will ask for it to be changed to conform to the guidelines.”

The speaker of the House was none other than Republican Jon Husted.

The Alliance report rightly concluded “[i]t was clear that the action taken by the Clerk’s office was oppressive and discriminating toward Christian ministers.” However, the Clerk was merely the scribe of the memo not it source. Husted was the source who borrowed from a unenforced liberal policy.

As the Alliance Defense Fund press releases state, it was Diana Fessler who initiated legal action against Husted’s oppressive policy. It was Fessler, not Husted, who saved prayer in the House. Husted was the problem. (See also a letter by Fessler published by Citizen USA; To see information provided by the Alliance Defense Fund about this case, go to here and here)

If Husted is lying about this and about his Tea Party affiliation, what else is he lying about.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Ohio Tea Party officials’ denouncement of any affiliation with Husted. In fact, they claim a general hostility of entrenched GOP politicians like Husted to the Tea Party movement. “Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda.” Husted’s record demonstrates his opposition to Tea Party values such as reduced government spending and debt, limited government, and the like. (To read the article, go here.)

Sandra O’Brien is an Ohio Tea Party favorite. Unlike Husted, she is also a real pro-life supporter. Husted has proven to be a pro-lifer for votes. Other wise he has supported pro-abortion candidates against pro-lifer. One of those candidates was O’Brien during the 2006 Republican primaries.

Sandra O’Brien is a genuine social and fiscal conservative. She deserves Republican and independent vote for Secretary of State, not Husted.

Don’t believe me? Good, check her website out for yourself.

Vaduva On Final Stretch In Campaign For County Commissioner

As the May 4 Ohio Republican primaries are just one day away, I wanted to say “thank you” to all of you supporting my campaign through donations, encouragement and volunteer work. When I decided last year to run for Greene County Commissioner, it was an easy decision – it came about as a result of looking at our current political environment and saying, “enough is enough!”

In an article today Dayton Daily News recognized how the GOP is facing
tough challenges from candidates with Tea Party values, not just here
locally, but also at a state and federal level (see article: http://bit.ly/9VCOhW).

What the Dayton Daily News article does not cover however, is the
truth that the GOP political machine in Ohio had declared all-out war
on any Tea Party candidate running on a Republican ticket. John
Husted, and other candidates here in Ohio have even used a bogus “Tea Party Values” logo on their campaign correspondence, trying to mislead voters into thinking that they are being endorsed or supported by Tea Party organizations.

This is some outrageous behavior on the part of the Ohio GOP, but it
is not surprising. Both at a local and state level, the Republican Party officials are really worried about idealist candidates, and real people with real principles running for office and taking the reigns of their party back; they are doing their best to ensure that this will not happen. This is why I need your help.

I am running on principles alone, as a result of being fed up with the
Greene County GOP and the ruthless political machine that had captured our party here long ago, at the expense of our souls and our
principles of small government and low taxation. I am not a politician, an attorney or someone that had spent a lifetime in the political sphere. I consider my inexperience as a politician an asset, and I hope so do you.

This is a small chance we all have here in Greene County now to try to
reclaim our ideals and principles, so I would be humbled to receive your support and your vote on Tuesday. My promise is that we can use this first step to try to steer our county into the right direction and start to slowly get back to our roots.

Right To Life Candidate Endorsements

The Ohio Right to Life Pac candidate endorsements mostly align with endorsements by the Ohio Republican Party. This is not surprising since Republicans tend to favor pro-life issues, and Democrats support pro-abortion.

Why is an Ohio RTL Pac endorsement of any importance? The Pac claims because it makes a difference to about half (maybe more) of the voting population. The Pac provides user-friendly access to information about the candidate experience, views and voting record on abortion and pro-life issues. Beyond that, RTL’s endorsement of pro-life candidates assists voters identify those who will likely honor their oath of office by upholding the constitutionally protected right to life.

With that in mind, let’s see who those candidates are.


Jarrod Martin, who seeks a second term in the 70th Ohio House District, received the Ohio RTL Pac stamp of approval. Tea Partiers seem to like him as well as the Ohio GOP. His campaign website is at www.electjarrod.com

U.S. Representative John Kasich has the Ohio RTL Pac’s 100% pro-life endorsement. He is not only favored by the GOP but also by Tea Party members and many of the who’s who is local and state politics. His campaign website is at www.kasichforohio.com

Jon Husted, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representative and native of Dayton, is running for Secretary of State. He has also received the Ohio RTL Pac 100% pro-life stamp of approval. But, I recently received information from a friend who lives in northern Ohio that casts some doubt about Husted’s support of both pro-life and pro-faith causes, which I will cover later. His campaign website address is www.hustedforohio.com

Mike DeWine is no stranger to local politics. He is local lawyer, previous County Prosecutor, state representative, senator, and U.S. Congressman. He is running for Ohio Attorney General with GOP approval and the Ohio RTL Pac’s 100% pro-life endorsement. His campaign website is at www.mikedewine.com

State Representative Josh Mandel is another dynamic young politician with the Ohio RTL Pac’s 100% pro-life stamp of approval along with the GOP and Tea Party endorsements. His campaign website is at www.joshmandel.com

I’m not 100% certain but I think Ohio only allows one Auditor of State. However, Ohio RTL Pac as well as the Ohio GOP endorses two. They are David Yost and Seth Morgan.

David Yost is among the select few picked by the Ohio GOP. His repertoire includes his current position of Delaware County Prosecutor and the previously held position of county auditor. Posted on his blog is an endorsement by the Darke County Tea Party as well as the most of the big press and entrenched GOP politicians. Yost’s campaign website address is www.davidyost.com

Ohio Representative Seth Morgan is among select few running for accounting position of State Auditor who actually is actually a certified public accountant (CPA), which should be one of the requirements for holding that office. Just ask Mary Taylor. The Huber Heights native currently serves as Secretary of Finance and Appropriations Committee, Finance and Appropriations Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education, Ways and Means Committee, and as Chair of the House Republican Caucus Policy Committee, among others. Every where I look, Morgan is receiving honorable mentions and endorsements from the Associated Builders and Contractors to the Citizens for Community Values, not to mention the Ohio Tea Party. His campaign website is at www.sethmorgan.org


U.S. Representative Steve Austria is running for the 7th Ohio Congressional District for a second term, He has received the distinction by the Ohio RTL Pac as a 100% pro-life candidate. Austria not only a Beavercreek native but is favored by the GOP as well. The Tea Parties I have attended Austria has not been among the favored representatives or candidates.

Robert Portman is running for U.S. Senate with the endorsement of the Ohio RTL Pac. He has effectively served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, U.S. Trade Representative, and as U.S. Congressman for 12 years. Although favored by GOP leaders, Portman has not been favorable received by some Ohio Tea Party groups, according to reports. His campaign website address is www.robportman.com

As mentioned earlier, an added benefit of the above candidate list is their GOP endorsements. The Ohio GOP stamp of approval tells us that the Party regards those members as the most qualified, the most charismatic, and/or the most faithful to party policies.

It should be remembered that the Democratic Party also chooses its candidates on the same basis. As pointed out during the last national election by Dennis Kucinich, one of the most important factors to Party endorsement is faithfulness to the pledge. Here, the pledge is not to the Ohio or U.S. Constitutions, dear comrades, but to the Party.

The above-mentioned qualities that are required by both Parties are also the same characteristics of career politicians, which in turn is part of the ever-increasing problem produced by party politics. As evidenced by the current regime of Democrats, progressive regression back to the Revolution era issues of big government social and economic tyranny is a serious problem that came in the name of change. Liberals claim the same thing happened when the GOP was in charge.

That is why the other non-career track candidates are worth considering. Some of them promise to defend the right to life as well as other conservative issues of constitutional importance.

One such candidate is Lt. Col John Michel (Ret.) who is running against incumbent Rep. Steve Austria for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District. Michel is definitely a pro-life candidate. He believes “the Constitution protects human life from conception to natural death.” His position on most other important issues like the economy, health care, immigration, war on terror, and the like reveals a well-reasoned and articulated conservatism, which is another reason to put him into office. His views on the issues can be read by going to his website at www.reformcongress.com

Sandra O’Brien is running against Jon Husted for Secretary of State. She is definitely a consist defender of the right to life and liberty. She is a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau, a veteran schoolteacher, past county auditor, and current adjunct professor at Leland Community College. In 2006, she defeated her pro-abortion opponent in the Republican primary for Auditor of State. Jon Husted supported her pro-abortion opponent, which demonstrates his wavering commitment to the constitutional issue of the right to life. Moreover, my friend from the North also pointed me to letter by Diana Fessler addressed to the Ohio Liberty Council in which tells how Husted lying to the public about his saving prayer in the House. While Speaker of the House, Husted attempted to forbid the mention of Jesus’ name in all prayers offered at the opening session of the Ohio House. It was she who saved prayer with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund litigators. Fessler assures us that Sandra O’Brien is the real conservative candidate for Auditor of State. O’Brien’s campaign website is at ohio.sandraobrien.com

Campaign statement on the April 24 Rally in Xenia

The following statement from Virgil Vaduva was released regarding the April 24, 2010 Tea Party scheduled for 4:00 PM at the Greene County Courthouse in downtown Xenia, OH:

I received several telephone calls and emails regarding our plans to meet despite the fact that Greene County officials denied our application for holding an event on the lawn of the Courthouse. The catalyst for this rally was the Court’s dismissal of the lawsuit filed against the City of Xenia over illegalities related to the passage of Issue 7, a 28.5% income tax increase for Xenia residents. The suit dismissal prompted the urgency of our action and decision to hold this rally as soon as possible, before the May 4 election when the levy is on the ballot. Greene County’s policy makes this kind of political dissent and demonstration impossible, and it makes no exception for our circumstances. It is therefore important for us to meet before May 4, at this public location, which is the symbol of Law and Justice in Greene County, Ohio.

I also recognize that the requirements placed upon the use of public spaces by the Greene County Commission are not as a result of state or local law, and they are instead the result of policy and procedure created to allow for smoother operation of county facilities and departments and for the stewardship of public spaces. As such, it is unfortunate that it is being used by bureaucrats now for the purpose of stopping a Tea Party meeting from taking place.

As with any government intervention in the lives of its citizens, this policy is having the unintended effect of denying the First Amendment rights of Greene County residents willing to express their political opinions, dissent and petitioning of their government. In fact, the intended consequence seems to be that of denying political opponents the right to dissent, oppose and criticize, something which is a fundamental right expressly protected by our Constitution, a principle that is uncompromisable and unchanging.

My belief is that our country is where it is today as a result of a series of compromises made over a long period of time, compromises which add up to a large loss of freedom for Americans, loss of rights to our property and income, and a large amount of government control over our lives. As a nation we are at a crossroads; the time for government saying “no” to us is over, the time for us to say “no” to government has come. Further compromise of any kind, on any issue related to free speech, right to assembly, right to own property and educate our children as we see fit will erode the U.S. Constitution out of existence. This is our opportunity to send a message to both Republican and Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, at any level of government, and let them know that while we will always obey the law, we are unwilling to accept their policies and stifling of our freedom and liberty.

I call on the Greene County Commission, especially my opponent, Commissioner Alan Anderson to reverse the denial of our application and waive the 14 day requirement which is interfering with our Constitutional rights and our desire for peaceful assembly and speech. As we do not need access to any county buildings or equipment, and we do not need security, we will carry on with the meeting as planned, hoping that before April 24 the Commission will reverse this decision.

We hope to see everyone on April 24 at 4:00 PM at the Greene County Courthouse.

Climate Change We Can Believe In

By Gary Palmer

“Climate change” happened right before our very eyes and few politicians and members of the media realized it until Tuesday, January 19th. On that day, everyone felt a definite change in the political climate when Republican Scott Brown was elected by the voters of Massachusetts to complete the U.S. Senate term of the late Ted Kennedy. Ironically, Kennedy won his seat in a special election in 1962.

Brown’s victory in this special election was historic and shocking. Kennedy held a Senate seat for 46 years in what may be the most liberal state in the nation. In the 1972 presidential election, Massachusetts was the only state won by liberal Democrat Eugene McGovern.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat party leaders were in a state of shock, at the stunning turn of events. Apparently, until just a few days before the election, very few saw this coming. But when the Democrat candidate Martha Coakley conceded, it seemed as though a revolution had started.

This revolution started long before anyone ever heard of Scott Brown and it started far from the state of Massachusetts. In February 2009, people all over America began protesting reckless legislation, including the push to nationalize health care being forced through Congress by Pelosi and Reid. These protests gave birth to the “Tea Party” movement.

The first protest took place on February 16, 2009 in midst of another liberal enclave, the city of Seattle, Washington as an outcry against Congress passing a pork-laden stimulus bill that members of Congress admitted they didn’t read. The Seattle protest was initiated by Internet bloggers and the idea quickly spread with protests the following day in Denver, Colorado and Mesa, Arizona.

Then, on February 19th, in a live report from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli called for a tea party on the Fourth of July. Called “the rant heard ‘round the world,” people who had never before been involved in politics or protests began organizing tea parties and on April 15th hundreds of rallies were held all across America.

But the liberal media and the Democrats ignored them. In fact, Nancy Pelosi derisively dismissed the tea parties as “Astroturf” telling reporters that they were not grassroots protests by ordinary citizens; rather they were orchestrated by well-funded interests groups.

Moreover, when thousands of angry citizens began showing up to protest the health care bill at town hall meetings held by members of Congress, Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, the Democrat House Majority Leader, called the protesters “un-American” and again claimed these were not ordinary citizens, but part of a well-funded and well-orchestrated campaign. Although the political climate was getting hotter by the day, Democrat leaders apparently were oblivious.

Even after the shocking victory by Republican Chris Christy in the New Jersey governor’s race in November where independents voted 2 – 1 for a Republican, Democrats still pressed on as though nothing had changed.

The loss of the Massachusetts senate seat proves that not only has the political climate changed in that state, it has changed all over the country to the degree that every Democrat and every liberal or moderate Republican candidate should worry. Massachusetts had the highest voter turnout in 20 years for a non-presidential election and independent voters supported Brown by a 3-1 margin.

Brown’s victory was an independent victory; clearly not a Republican victory and definitely not a vindication of Republican policies. This does not bode well for other candidates such as Sen. John McCain who could be facing a tough primary election, possibly against former Congressman J.D. Hayworth. A McCain loss would be just as shocking as Brown’s victory in Massachusetts and would provide even more energy to independents.

For months public opinion polls were showing political storm clouds gathering. In addition to opposition to the health care bill, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 58 percent of Americans wanted smaller government and lower taxes. In a Rasmussen poll in December it was 66 percent. This was the wave that Brown was riding and it is why independents rallied behind his message of stopping the health care bill, his opposition to putting terrorists on trial in our criminal courts, his opposition to secret deals with special interests groups, his opposition to raising taxes and his boldly stated support for broad tax cuts.

While everyone seems focused on the general election in November, there may be more surprises in store for incumbents in upcoming primaries. As the polls show, Republicans are not any more popular than Democrats. In other words, in this political rendition of climate change, the wind now blowing across America could be the harbinger of an independent storm brewing against the fiscal recklessness of both parties. And that is climate change we can believe in.

Gary Palmer is president of the Alabama Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the preservation of free markets, limited government and strong families, which are indispensable to a prosperous society.

Candidate to GOP: Sorry, But Tea Party Label Better for Me

In a recent CQ Politics post, John McArdle reports about network computer consultant Donn Janes, a Tennessee’s 8th district GOP candidate, decision to run as an Independent Tea Party candidate this cycle.

Janes, who has bashed the National Republican Congressional Committee for backing gospel singer Stephen Fincher (R) in Tennessee’s open 8th district, said he decided to seek a third party nomination because “the National Republican Party continues to aggressively support candidates who lack depth on issues and conservative values, but instead focus on candidates who are able to self fund or raise large sums of money.”

Democratic strategists said Monday the move will help their chances to hold the seat of retiring Rep. John Tanner (D) by siphoning off Republican votes in the general election.

Janes made his announcement at a a Tea Party event in Paris, Tenn., on Saturday, about a week after wealthy physician Ron Kirkland of Madison County officially threw his hat into the GOP race.

Janes said last month he expects to report less than $20,000 raised in the fourth quarter of 2009.

CQ Politics presently rates the Tennessee 8 race as a Toss Up.