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Campaign statement on the April 24 Rally in Xenia

The following statement from Virgil Vaduva was released regarding the April 24, 2010 Tea Party scheduled for 4:00 PM at the Greene County Courthouse in downtown Xenia, OH:

I received several telephone calls and emails regarding our plans to meet despite the fact that Greene County officials denied our application for holding an event on the lawn of the Courthouse. The catalyst for this rally was the Court’s dismissal of the lawsuit filed against the City of Xenia over illegalities related to the passage of Issue 7, a 28.5% income tax increase for Xenia residents. The suit dismissal prompted the urgency of our action and decision to hold this rally as soon as possible, before the May 4 election when the levy is on the ballot. Greene County’s policy makes this kind of political dissent and demonstration impossible, and it makes no exception for our circumstances. It is therefore important for us to meet before May 4, at this public location, which is the symbol of Law and Justice in Greene County, Ohio.

I also recognize that the requirements placed upon the use of public spaces by the Greene County Commission are not as a result of state or local law, and they are instead the result of policy and procedure created to allow for smoother operation of county facilities and departments and for the stewardship of public spaces. As such, it is unfortunate that it is being used by bureaucrats now for the purpose of stopping a Tea Party meeting from taking place.

As with any government intervention in the lives of its citizens, this policy is having the unintended effect of denying the First Amendment rights of Greene County residents willing to express their political opinions, dissent and petitioning of their government. In fact, the intended consequence seems to be that of denying political opponents the right to dissent, oppose and criticize, something which is a fundamental right expressly protected by our Constitution, a principle that is uncompromisable and unchanging.

My belief is that our country is where it is today as a result of a series of compromises made over a long period of time, compromises which add up to a large loss of freedom for Americans, loss of rights to our property and income, and a large amount of government control over our lives. As a nation we are at a crossroads; the time for government saying “no” to us is over, the time for us to say “no” to government has come. Further compromise of any kind, on any issue related to free speech, right to assembly, right to own property and educate our children as we see fit will erode the U.S. Constitution out of existence. This is our opportunity to send a message to both Republican and Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, at any level of government, and let them know that while we will always obey the law, we are unwilling to accept their policies and stifling of our freedom and liberty.

I call on the Greene County Commission, especially my opponent, Commissioner Alan Anderson to reverse the denial of our application and waive the 14 day requirement which is interfering with our Constitutional rights and our desire for peaceful assembly and speech. As we do not need access to any county buildings or equipment, and we do not need security, we will carry on with the meeting as planned, hoping that before April 24 the Commission will reverse this decision.

We hope to see everyone on April 24 at 4:00 PM at the Greene County Courthouse.

$900,000 missing in Greene County?

By John Mitchel, LtCol, USAF (Ret)

John Mitchel, Patriots Against Public Corruption founder, announced that he would testify before the Greene County Commission on February 10th at 9:00 AM. He claims that the Greene County Commission has conspired to illegally launder County tax dollars into the campaign funds of Dave Hobson, Steve Austria and other Greene County politicians. Furthermore, according to Mitchel, the Board of Commissioners has collaborated with other elected and appointed officials to cover up pervasive “pay-to-play” politics in Greene County.

In response to the announcement Mitchel commented, “In 2003 the Greene County Commission signed an un-bid contract with the Dayton Development Coalition for $1.9 million to lobby for Wright Patterson AFB during 2005 Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) negotiations. Except for politicians, officers and staff at the Coalition, and a few consultants, this sweetheart deal did nothing to advance economic development in the Miami Valley, let alone Greene County. Not only does this look and smell like money laundering on behalf of Austria, Hobson and others, it may violate three state laws, not to mention the federal Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.”

Mitchel added, “I think it’s strange that even though the contract was for $1.9 million, only $1 million was financed by Greene County taxpayers through a grant and Economic Development Note with interest. I believe the citizens first should know why they paid the interest on an interest-free loan to the Dayton Development Coalition, a private corporation, and second, what is the source and what happened to the unaccounted-for $900,000. Sooner or later we will learn the answers to those questions. Hopefully that will happen Tuesday after I offer my testimony before the Greene County Commission.”

John Mitchel Asks County Commissioners About $1.9 Million Missing In Budget Enactment

On December 11, John Mitchel presented testimony before the newly elected Greene County Commissioners about previous the commission’s oversight of the Wright Patterson AFB BRAC Initiative Agreement and a corresponding unaccounted for $1.9 million deficit in that commission’s budget enactment.

The following are excerpts from Mitchel’s testimony:

There are two elements of the BRAC Initiative Agreement that cause me grave concern. First, during recent and past campaigns, many politicians including Commissioner Perales, Commissioner-elect Reid, State Senator Austria and Congressman Hobson, took significant credit for BRAC success by implying their opponent was less-equipped to address the issue. Rarely, if ever do we hear about the diligent professionals at Wright Patt who go to work every day quietly doing their jobs serving our courageous war-fighters. I would say their hard work and professionalism warrant recognition for Wright Patt’s success infinitely more than the self-directed praise from elected officials who are paid well to serve their constituents, not take undeserved credit for their success. Second, Greene County taxpayers are never recognized for their role in funding the BRAC Initiative Agreement, although I still doubt its value added to the process. In the Economic Development Note dated October 3rd, 2003, County Auditor Delaney describes a “non-interest bearing” loan to the Dayton Development Coalition from Fund 0207-0101 in the amount of $900,000 to partially fund the $1.9 million BRAC Initiative Agreement. In essence, the Greene County Commissioners authorized an interest free loan to the Dayton Development Coalition for $900,000 and then sold the note to Fifth Third Bank with Greene County taxpayers picking up the interest. To add insult to injury, in documents acquired through Ohio’s open records statute, there’s evidence that the Dayton Development Coalition deposited their interest free loan from Greene County taxpayers in an interest bearing account, not to mention that Fifth Third Bank did not pay federal or state corporate income taxes on over $17,000 they collected in interest paid by Greene County taxpayers. Contrast that to the hapless Greene County taxpayer who is late in paying his or her property taxes. If even one day late, a Greene County taxpayer is charged an immediate 10 percent penalty on the unpaid balance and 8 percent annual interest if the tax bill continues to be delinquent. My first question is, “Does it concern you that your constituents paid the interest on a loan to the Dayton Development Coalition who in turn non-competitively awarded contracts to Greentree and The PMA Group, a Washington lobbyist? Does it concern you that your constituents are also hit for a 10 percent penalty plus 8 percent interest if they are late paying their property taxes?

Now let’s take a look at what Greene County taxpayers got for that $1,900,000 the Commission sent to the Dayton Development Coalition by way of the BRAC Initiative Agreement. Here I have Dayton Development Coalition’s 2005 IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax. The Form 990 shows that in 2005, the last full year of the BRAC Initiative Agreement, on revenues of $1,747,719, the Dayton Development Coalition lost $337,325. On page 6 of the Form 990, it shows that the Coalition paid $74,402 to former officer Ron Wine. Page 12 shows that the Coalition paid $285,854 to the Coalition’s President and CEO, J P Nauseef. Those two expenditures alone account for almost $30,000 more than the Coalition lost in 2005. Let me ask the same question. Does it concern you that in 2005 your constituents helped pay over $72,000 to a former Coalition employee and over $285,000 to the President and CEO when the Coalition lost over $300,000 under his leadership.

My next question goes back to the $1.9 million to fund the BRAC Initiative Agreement. Nowhere in the Greene County 2003 budget enactment could I find that this money was legally appropriated. In fact, the entire enactment in 2003 for “Economic Development” was less than $450,000. Fund 0207-0101 does authorize a $900,000 interest-free loan to the Dayton Development Commission, but that does not address my concern that it was legally appropriated in the 2003 budget. And that still doesn’t account for the other $1,000,000 in the BRAC Initiative Agreement including the $100,000 grant. Could the Commission address those concerns and report back to me in January?

Mitchel continued by bring to the attention of the commission about pertinent information that was withheld or suppressed by various officials that could have resolved the valid legal issues.

I wonder what will be the outcome in January?