Christmas Yesterday, Today and Forever

The last post was about a soldier and missionary of Jesus Christ. John Birch’s life exemplified the reason Christ was born.

In a recent Human Events article, Newt Gingrich shares why Americans have great cause to celebrate the freedom that the babe in the manger grew up to achieve for us all. On Christmas Eve 1776, General George Washington, a devout follower of Jesus, stayed on mission to win a battle that led to our independence.

On Christmas Day, 1776, nearly all thought the Revolution was lost, except for a valiant few who still believed in “The Cause.” We owe our liberty today to those valiant few.

Led by George Washington, most of his army, dressed in rags and barefoot, faced a winter gale of rain, sleet, ice and snow. This band of patriots braved a midnight river crossing and a nine mile march over frozen roads to win a spectacular victory at Trenton, New Jersey, the following morning. Those were indeed times, as Thomas Paine would write, that “try men’s souls.”

In a season that has become too commercialized and — worse yet — had much of its religious meaning driven from the public square, Washington’s Christmas crossing is a story that should be remembered and celebrated, this Christmas and every Christmas.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, to be with family and friends, and, I would add, to give thanks to God for those who endured so much on that Christmas night, 232 years ago.

While wise men still seek and venerate Jesus, God’s Son, the likes of Herod still attempt to eradicate any and every hindrance to their agendas including mass infanticide like abortion as well as rob the public of their liberties and prosperity to build empires enshrining their corrupt but magnificent egos.

Christmas is forever the victory of God and man over the darkness of injustice and death. It is the perpetual celebration of the Creator of life and humanity. Christmas is heaven’s song celebrating both God’s reality and His good will toward all mankind. It is the hope of nature–redemption and renewal. Christmas is a feast of light when old souls begin to consume a new born hope of eternal life. It is the star from East shining even as far as the West that promises a King actually capable of saving us all from every form of death concocted by modern elites global secularism. Christmas is the birth of majestic tradition of Western culture, art and music. Just image Christmas without Francis of Assi’s living crèche of the virgin born Jesus lying in a manger or of George Frideric Handel’s awesome oratorio Messiah. It is what Satan and secularists hate the most—the birth of the beauty of the fullness of pure life and holiness that is only accomplish by the masterful work of God and His Messiah, Jesus.

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