The Fluoride Racket

It amazes me the audacity many elected officials have when it comes to deciding public health issues. The “one size fits all” policy seems rampant these days. I’m not sure if they are aware of the potential short and long term effects due to dumping a poison in the water supply, or if they are just ignorant. Let me explain just some of the reasons why you should not allow fluoride-a poison in the city water. Fluoride or hydrofluorosilicic acid, is an industrial “waste” product from the fertilizer industry. This bright idea came to be about the same time as did the bright ideas of asbestos lined pipes, lead in our gasoline and DDT, and was assumed safe and effective by public officials. I’m too young to remember, but some of you may remember seeing the “fogger” vehicles spraying neighborhoods and schools with what turned out to be a very, very bad idea. Today though, fluoride is the devil in disguise that is being propagandized as to the supposed health benefits of preventing tooth decay. Like any good propaganda, millions are spent on advertising to convince the trusting public to believe everything our leaders tell us. Sadly, many including the ADA and many of our dentist go along with this deception.

Fluoridation is unsafe because in accumulates in our bones and makes them brittle and more prone to fractures especially in the elderly. It accumulates in our pineal gland in our brain and possibly lowers the production of melatonin a very important regulatory hormone. It damages the enamel on our teeth especially in younger children. There are serious yet unproven concerns about the connection of osterosarcoma (cancerous-malignant bone tumors) in young men along with the possible connections to arthritis and hypothyroidism. Animal studies showed that 1ppm in drinking water showed an increase in aluminum in the brain. Places where there are 3ppm in public drinking water have proven lower fertility rates. In human studies, the agents in fluoride has been linked to increased lead in children’s blood and associated with increased violent behavior. Lastly, the safety and therapeutic benefit of reducing dental decay is so low that the concerns stated above and those not stated should be enough reasons to not be forced upon those of us who do not want to be “medicated” from our drinking water. I highly encourage everyone concerned to Google “weston price fluoride fraud” and determine yourself. As for me, I even avoid toothpaste with fluoride-but then again shouldn’t that be “my” decision.

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