Harmful Bacteria Found In Fountain Drinks At Fast Food Restaurants

A recent medical study reported finding fecal bacteria, EColi, and other harmful pathogens in drinks from soda fountains at fast food restaurants. The study found fecal bacteria in 48 percent of fountain drinks tested. E Coli was found in 11 percent of drinks including water. Most of the harmful bacteria were also resistant to 11 different antibiotics. These findings expose risk to public health especially to people with immunodeficiency disorders.

Dr. Mercola reminded readers it was only a few years ago that twelve year-old middle schooler Jasmine Roberts won the science fair at her school when she discovered that the ice used in the drinks of fast food restaurants had more bacteria than the toilet water. Then, in 2008, we learned that two of every three restaurant lemon wedges tested were covered in disease-causing bacteria.”

The reasons to avoid eating at fast food establishments are piling up faster than you can say, “Pour me another Coke-a coli,” says Dr. Mercola.

Even if someone were to invent a pocket-sized ultra-violent bacteria killing device, it eventually result in the depletion of health bacteria in fast food connoisseurs.

So what to do? The next time you feel like you have food poisoning remember it is most likely came from the fast food fountain drink. If that is the case, you can always sue the fast food chain for damages.

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