Model Arab League at Miami U February 26…Education or Proselytizing?

Like the mock session of the Supreme Court, Congress, United Nations in which high school and college participate and compete, Model Arab League (MAL) gives youth a way to develop greater understanding of Middle East cultural, political, social, economic, and religious issues and processes of governance.

Some criticize the program as being a Saudi Arabian tool used to indoctrinate Americans into a one-sided view of Middle East conflicts, especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One of those critics is the Campus Watch, which has reported anti-Semitism among promoters of MAL.

If this program were under some other rubric for in-depth learning about Middle East culture and politics, this blogger would have little reason for skepticism about its underlying purpose. Along with the reported anti-Semitic bias, Saudi Arabian and other Middle Eastern leaders have discredited the Arab League of Nations as an organization of little influence and importance to the Middle East problems. If that were true, why then are they funding MAL? Why are they funding Middle Eastern academics at American Universities? Why are they funds mosques, businesses, and parochial schools as well?

One of the goals of Islam is the religious conversion of the world. The Arab League was and has always been an Islamic mirror of the United Nations (originally, League of Nations). Whereas the U.N. is secular and humanistic, the Arab League is Islamic with regard to both its legal and its ideological views. Consequently, the MAL should be view as more than a merely a unique educational learning method. As with the Model UN programs, it is also a means of indoctrinating people into a peaceful acceptance of the views, policies, and practices of the actual MAL, which is acceptance of the views of Islam and Shari’a governance.

One of the underlying tenets of both Islam and the Arab League is the elimination of infidels in general and the one national entity that represents a division to a united Arab Middle East; that entity is called Zion or the Jewish nation of Israel.

The issue is not the hypocrisy of western powers because the UK and US have broken promises to both the Arabs and the Israelis. The Israeli-Palestinian issue is one of ultimate control of all territories of the Middle East. Arabs do not necessarily intend to annihilate the Jews in the Middle East; they do however intend to rule over them if only as a subordinate state of the Arab League.

As in many European states, Ohio is among those being prepared for the universal glory of Islam: making all peoples submissive to Islam. One must admit that MAL is an ingenious way of evangelizing and proselytizing.

Welcome to the intended new world order.

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