Imperial Health Care Anyone? Witness the Lord’s Day Debacle

If Democrats pass the Obamacare bill, America will enter further into the domination of global socialism. Contrary to elite members like Obama, Clinton, and Soros, our constituted nation was not founded on the consent of the duped by the deceiving salesmanship of power-mongering tyrants. It was founded on the coterminous principles of the informed consent of the governed and a covenant with the Providential Creator–God of truth. If that consent is based on cleverly devised half-truth or lies, the consent was not valid or legal.

If our supposed-representatives in DC have not even read the bill in order to determine its costs and benefits, it cannot be said that they have represented anything for any constituents. Their party line Yes or No vote means nothing. The only real meaning it has is a vote for the party agenda. Based on such a vote, no law can be enacted that violates our rights and Constitution.

That is what the Obamacare legislation does. Dictators dictate law. Obamacare law purports to dictate to free citizens by coercing them to purchase one of three healthcare insurance policies at the point of criminal prosecution, financial penalties, and possibly (at some point) imprisonment. By ultimately eliminating a free market in healthcare, the Democrats will force the same kind of failed socialist health care system experienced by Canadians and Europeans.

The grossly false claim that the best health care system and economy in the world will allow thousands of people die without a socialist take-over of the healthcare system is countered by the testimonies of Canadians and Europeans who would have died had they not come to America for treatment. They would have died like many others because they had to wait for their turn to receive medical treatment.

Just as many more unborn children will certainly be killed under Obamacare, many more elderly can be expected to die because of a decline in quality care.

Moreover, small businesses will be adversely affected by the mandates imposed on them by Obamacare. Small business owners and many in the middle income tax bracket will end up paying up to a quarter of their income on health care costs as structured by Obamacare, according to American Enterprise Institute Fellow and Physician Scott Gottlieb.

Health care costs will not decrease because of Obamacare; they will increase because of the various costs to insurers, businesses, and their inflationary costs passed on to consumers. Everyone will pay more for less.

Because the price tag of Obamacare is over a trillion dollars, all will pay higher taxes either directly or indirectly. On top of higher taxes and cost of goods, the increase in federal debt will trickle down through the loss of jobs, reduction of income levels, decrease in number of small businesses, or some combination of them. As financial analysts keep warning, more government debt means fewer investment dollars, which in turn means less capital for current and start-up businesses. Thus making it a real possibility that America will enter into a European-like level of value-add tax socialism that once characterized the Roman Empire. Rome fell in part because it was overburdened by financial debt, by many over-taxed angry subjects, and by ever-increasing political corruption.

Pax Americana may be next.

I pray the gracious, the powerful, and the providential God defend and protect America from the political scheme aimed at winning votes in November’s election at the expense of all our economically common good. Long live the true and supreme Lawmaker, King, and Judge.

(See also my previous posts on how health care reform legislation effects small businesses and its funding of abortion.)

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