Majority of New Yorkers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

The NY Daily News/Marist Poll reports 51% to 41% of New Yorkers oppose the Ground Zero Mosque.

The poll “showed 48% of city residents against the planned $100 million community center don’t want it downtown at all, let alone two blocks from where the twin towers came down.”

“The poll of anti-mosque New Yorkers also found that 23% believed one mile from Ground Zero would be far enough for the mosque to be built. Ten blocks was sufficient for 17%, while 7% could accept a five-block buffer and 5% were unsure.”

“There was a gender split. Women outnumber men as opponents of a mosque near Ground Zero, and among those, 52% want to keep it out of lower Manhattan, compared with 41% of men.”

New Yorkers are not the only opponents of mosque/community center. Other polls show most Americans are opposed to it. Muslims have voiced opposition as well. The main issue is not whether an Islamic community or another mosque should be built in New York; the issue is most are opposed to either being built near the site where Islamic zealots achieve a partial victory against America.

Source:, September 13, 2010.

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