Texas Textbook Battle Over Religion, Is it relevant to Ohioans?

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is soon expected to vote on a resolution brought by Texas citizen and former local Texas School Board Member Randy Rives. The resolution aims to correct an anti-Christian, pro-Islam bias that exists in some Texas textbooks. The resolution would require textbook publishers to maintain balance in regards to religion. The textbooks with the claimed bias were used between 1999-2003, but it is possible that some of these books are still used in classrooms across the state. Mr. Rives worked diligently to produce appendices to this “Balanced Teaching of Religious Groups” resolution, showing the citations that support this resolution in great detail.

Amazingly, liberal groups are opposed to the Board looking into this and ensuring Texas textbooks are not skewed against Christianity. Liberty Institute works to prevent religious discrimination and is committed to stating the facts in our textbooks.

We will be at the Texas State Board of Education hearing on Friday testifying in support of efforts to protect religious balance and prevent anti-Christian bias in our textbooks. Discrimination by the government on the basis of religion is wrong. We should be thankful we have an elected Board which will actually do its due diligence, represent Texas parents, and ensure that what is taught is not discriminatory.

Why is this of importance to Ohioans? Christians and all other people of religion have a Constitutional right to a religious education and especially to those aspects of our local, state and national history that are religious. Secularists have been seeking to eradicate that heritage and the pro-Muslim bias is suitable to that end. Religious Jews do not because of the Judeo in the Judeo-Christian heritage Ohioans and all Americans should possess.
September 23, 2010

Source: Liberty Institute,September 23, 2010


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