Andy Meyers’ Election 2010 Picks

I have been asked who I am voting for in this election. There are very difficult decisions that are going to have to be made if this country wants to pass on something better for our children and future generations. The government cannot continue to operate as it has for many, many decades now. I hope that you will consider voting on principles and not party. No candidate is perfect, but it’s my hope that you try something different this time by giving these folks a chance. If anything, they will generate lively discussions and even ideas that are just to “taboo” for the political insiders who only care about being re-elected.

I will vote for:

John Anderson-Congress District 7
Ken Matesz-Governor
Robert Owens-Attorney General
Charlie Earl-Secretary of State
Matthew P. Cantrell-State Treasurer
Michael Howard-State Auditor

Haven’t decided between the 2 below for the Senate seat:

Eric Deaton-US. Senate

Some of the choices were very close but after researching and seeing some of the candidate surveys (they submitted…or didn’t) it wasn’t too difficult to see who wasn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues. If you know of someone I may have missed or think someone is a better choice please let me know and why. I would be happy to consider all providing I have enough valid info on the person. Send email to my mailbox.

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