The Health Care Joke Continues

By Mr. David Zanotti

This has to be a comedy. There is no other way to grasp the hysterical claims of those advocating, now defending the nationalized health care take over. Picture clowns with big red noses and giant floppy feet trying to sell a child a balloon. That’s about the size of it. You can only laugh. For example:

  • The Secretary of HHS is out front claiming hundreds of thousands of people will be thrown on the street and left for dead because of pre-existing conditions. Really? This is one problem that states have been successfully working to fix for years. Does the Secretary really think that Congress would roll back this progress or not pass a “replacement” bill to make sure the problem stays fixed.
  • The Secretary, who under this plan becomes one of the most powerful bureaucrats in American history, is certain that repealing this measure will cost billions. So how does the math on that one work? If the government doesn’t spend trillions of NEW money in a field they don’t belong — it will cost the government more money. Explain that one to your kids. Oh, we know the Administration’s logic on this one. There is just one problem: the only way you can cover more people and spend less money is to ration care.
  • A funny thing happened this week: The British Prime Minister is calling for an overhaul of the British Nationalized Health Care system. Great Britain desperately needs to break down their bureaucracy and bring Doctors and non-profits back into the center of health care services. Hmmm… that would be the exact opposite of the current American Administration plan.
  • And of course, the prize joke of the day: Some members are calling for hearings and amendments to the Republican repeal effort in the House. These are the same members who one year ago passed a 2200-page health care bill that would (and did) choke a few elephants. There were no substantive hearings because no one saw the bill until it was time to vote. No one read the bill then and most likely NO ONE has read the bill to this very day. So why would they want to start actually reading legislation now?

This whole thing would be a joke but for two real dangers. First, people will die because of all this clown-town drama in Washington, D.C. And if that isn’t horrid enough, we can already see this Administration playing the oldest, most corrupt game in politics. They are claiming they gave us something that we cannot live without and blaming their opponents for trying to take it away. The old “taking candy from the baby” strategy. The design of the Administration is to paint opponents as evil and hateful and willing to take the “precious” health care away from millions.

The truth is that dastardly deed has already been done. No one in the media or the Administration or most of the Congress has read the news or the bill. Thus they are as clueless as a circus clown — or just pretending to be.

From the American Policy Roundtable’s For the Common Good blog, January 18, 2011.

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