Greene County Property Taxes Higher Than State and National Median

The newest on-line tax tool is Tax Foundation’s County Property Tax Lookup. Anyone can look their county’s median property tax payout for the past 5 years as compared to both state and national median tax payments.

Median is a statistical term for the highest number in the middle of the statistical bell curve. It is not exactly a true average but the median is close to the average. In this instance, it is the middle point of property taxes paid beginning with those who pay the lowest taxes to those paying highest amount of property taxes.

I looked up the median property tax paid in Greene County Ohio. What I found was Greene County property owners pay higher taxes than other property owners throughout the nation and Ohio.

Based on a five year average (2005-2009), median real estate taxes paid by Greene County property owners was $2,326. Ohio median real estate taxes for the same period was $1,752 and, nationally, it was $1,805.

The Tax Foundation included comparisons of real estate taxes paid as a percent of median home value and as a percent of median income. Over the same five year period, the above Greene County real estate taxes equated to 1.49% of median home value and 3.22% of median income. Ohio property taxes equated to 1.3% of home value and 2.94% median income and, nationally, land owners paid 0.97% of home values and 2.81% of median income.

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