Ohio Right to Life Applauds Gov. Kasich For Appointing Two Pro-Lifers to The State Board of Pharmacy

The two individuals, Kevin Mitchell (Marion County) and Michael A. Mone (Delaware County), come to the Board with extensive backgrounds in the pharmaceutical field.N

Mitchell first earned a Pharmacy Technology Degree through service the United States Air Force at the Community College of the Air Force and went on to receive his degree in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern in 1989. Mone studied at the University of Florida to receive his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 1981, and was awarded his juris doctorate in 1985.

Mitchell has since worked for Rite Aid of Ohio, where he has been a staff pharmacist, pharmacy manager, and pharmacy development manager and also served on the State Board of Pharmacy under Gov. Bob Taft. Mone was Executive Director of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and Assistant Attorney General for the state of Florida. He has also served as Vice President of Anti-Diversion & Senior Regulatory Counsel at Cardinal Health, Inc. since 2007. In addition to other pharmacy boards, both are members of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

With these two appointments, our governor continues to pave the way for pro-life Ohioans to be heard and represented. With professionals such as Mitchell and Mone on the State Board of Pharmacy, Ohio takes one step closer to becoming a state where the right to life is respected and defended. On behalf of our entire statewide membership, the Ohio Right to Life Society thanks Governor Kasich for his steadfast support.

Note: Appointments of Mitch and Mone became official March 10, 2011.

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