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Amish-run reclaimed retail and expired goods stores are thriving

The subject of a hot story put out by The Associated Press is the growing popularity of the Amish version of Family Dollar and Dollar General stores. This story was so hot it was published by newspapers, prime time news stations across the nation, by foreign news, and even by the even Forbes and Business Week.

I guess when we are all suffering an economic period of stagflation any news of cheap goods for a consuming public is a huge event indeed. A stagflation is when the paycheck remains the same while prices of goods and service continually increase. That is providing you are not among the unfortunate whose paycheck was laid off. The importance of the good news can be compared to gas prices being cut by over 50 percent. Yes, it’s true; it’s the day dream of every commuter and believer in the promise of political campaigners.

Amish-run salvage stores are a thriving discount industry tucked away in America’s farmlands. They sell all kinds of goods including food and medicine dirt-cheap. This developing rural economy is drawing a steady stream of non-Amish customers seeking relief from the effects of the current economic recession.

One question that comes to mind is whether it is legal to sell expired goods like food and medicine? Continue reading