Greene County 2008 Primary Election Results

As of 10 pm, the winners in the 2008 Greene County primary are as follows:

Party Hurrah I-Win BooHoo U-Lose Hopeful Place for Tush
D Hilary Clinton 51% Barak Obama 47% Whitehouse
R John McCain 57% Mike Huckabee 36% Whitehouse
D Sharen Neuhardt 44% Bill Conner 25% U.S. House of Rep.
R Steve Austria 69% Ron Hood 25% U.S. House of Rep.
D Joseph Russo   Ohio Supreme Court
R Maureen O’Connor   Ohio Supreme Court
D Peter Sikora   Ohio Supreme Court
R Evelyn Stratton   Ohio Supreme Court
D Jeffrey Froelich   2nd Dist. Court of Appeals
R George Reynolds 73% Gary Schaengold 27% 2nd Dist. Court of Appeals
D Roger Tackett   State Senate 10th Dist.
R Chris Widener 56% W. Reed Madden 33% State Senate 10th Dist.
D Matt Nisenoff   State House 70th Dist.
R Jarrod Martin 29% Brian Lampton 21% State House 70th Dist.
D Connie Crockett   State House 84th Dist.
R Graig Saunders 59% Robert Tackett 41% State House 84th Dist.
D Eddie Baumann   Commissioner (1/2/09)
R Richard Perales   Commissioner (1/2/09)
D Jerome Sutton 51% Jeffrey Flora 49% Commissioner (1/3/09)
R Marilyn Reid 31% Robert Glaser 18% Commissioner (1/3/09)
D Mary Taylor   County Recorder
R Eric Sears 53% Mary Morris 47% County Recorder
D Corinna Grooms   County Treasurer
R James Schmidt   County Treasurer

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