Ohio Primary Results at 11:30PM

It is 11:30 pm, and all is well. Well, it is well with those who are winning. Ulsers, heart burn, headaches, hot flashes–I have a few of those, and, God forbid, a little depression are some of the symptoms of candidates watching the other guy/gal percentages keep rising like in the Goby Desert. In case you haven’t notice the only rising of temperatures in Ohio are the temperatures of losing candidates.

According to the Secretary of State website, the current results are as follows:

Hilary Clinton is winning in 20 out of 25 districts, two of which have reported no results.

John McCain is winning 24 out of 25 districts.

The only change in results from my earlier post is in the 84th District where Robert Hackett is leading 53% to Graig Saunder 47%.

The above figures represent the results from 69.63% of all precincts. It is not likely much will change by sun up except for maybe in the hot race in the 84th district. We’ll see.

Nighty night, don’t let the bed bugs bite–or the frosty ice.

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