Hometown Mother’s Day Event a Success

News about Hometown Mother’s Day has been trickling in. Remembers the days when people from all over the Miami Valley came to downtown Xenia to shop. Well, we may be seeing the beginning of its return.

C J’s Boutique said several people from out of town shopped at her store. Not only did her sidewalk sale draw shoppers, but free massages and live musicians did too.

Besides diamonds and furs, flowers used to be another hot item men bought for their women folk. The 21st Century will go done in history as the beginning of men wooing their babes with cell phones. At least that is what J & B Wireless says business was hopping with men buying their mom’s and wives phones.

I’m not so sure that is really a smart thing to do. Why make it easy for your women folk track your whereabouts?

Xenia Shoe and Leather says business was good too. Again, free massages were a big attraction. I wonder if men got the massage before or after they purchased their lady a new pair of fine shoes?

What ever happened to flowers? You guess is as good as mine. I do know no Xenia flower shop has made a peep about how they are competing with cell phones, shoes, or women’s clothing.

I was tempted to buy Mom some gourmet coffee. Yes, Xenia has its very own gourmet coffee store. I resisted that temptation because her doctor would have protested.

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