Austria Economics 101

By Andy Myers

H.R. 156 or “Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act” was introduced January 6th of this year by Rep. Harry Mitchell (D) Arizona. There are 72 co-sponsor’s of this bill including 3 from Ohio. Mary Jo Kilroy (D) OH-15, Robert Latta (R) OH-5 and Zachary Space (D) OH-18.

Where’s Representative Steve Austria (R) OH-7? Would this not be a show of solidarity with those struggling in District 7. For Mr. Austria to co-sponsor this bill, which is sensible when so many in his district are struggling to make ends meet, is a no-brainer?

Last year 2.6 million fellow citizens lost their jobs raising unemployment to it’s highest level in 15 years. Countless others have had their pay reduced or frozen.

What did Mr. Austria and Congress do in these dire economic conditions? They gave themselves a $4,700 dollar cost of living increase raising the average salary to $174,000. Elected officials “giving themselves” pay raises is hardly popular.

In addition to our federal representatives, some state legislatures also like to “stealthily” increase their pay in late night sessions so as not to allow their constituents a voice in the matter. Just ask the Pennsylvania state legislators that got voted out of office in 2005 after they increased their pay in one such session. The legislature had a “change in heart” a few months later, but more than 20 lawmakers lost their jobs over it, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense.

We have a “fresh slate” in Congressional District 7 with 1st term Rep. Austria. Not only should Mr. Austria develop strategies to assist with sustaining and developing job growth in our area, he should also show “commons sense ethics reform” by co-sponsoring H.R. 156.

Call Rep. Austria’s office at (937) 325-0474 or send him an email at asking him to show some solidarity with the people struggling in the 7 counties he represents by co-sponsoring Stop The Congressional Pay Raise Act.

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