Sabbath Discussions : Some reasons for supporting Israel

Rev. Robert Johnessee of the Friends of Israel visited Xenia tonight. Because I was at the hospital with my parent, I didn’t attend. If anyone did, feel free to tell us what Johnessee has to say.

Thinking about why should Christians be a friend to Israel, here are a few thoughts:

Jesus Christ is a Jew.
Jesus was born and raised in Israel.
Jesus worked and fulfilled his ministry in Israel.
Jesus was betrayed by his brethren in Israel.
Jesus was crucified by gentiles in Israel.
Jesus was buried in a family tomb in Israel.
Jesus was raised from the dead in Israel.
Jesus commissioned his disciples in Israel.
Jesus ascended to the throne of God from Israel.
Jesus, a Jew, was made Lord of all by God.
Jesus will return to Jerusalem Israel establish
   God’s kingdom on earth.

Jesus said, he came to fulfill the law of God not abolish it.
The law of God was revealed to and through Israel to the world.
Another Jew, Paul, affirmed this in his letters to the churches.
Jesus’ death fulfilled the law of atonement for humanity’s
   moral crimes.
For God to honor it, Jesus would have been as sinless as any    animal sacrificed on the altar in the Second Temple.
God honors Jesus’ sacrifice by freeing people from sinful bondages.
God honors Jesus’ sacrifice by sanctifying those freed.
God honors Jesus’ sacrifice by enabling those freed to live    according to His moral law.
God honors Jesus’ sacrifice by admitting them in his kingdom.

God made Jesus the ruling authority over the universe.
Jesus is Lord over God’s kingdom of which Christians are a part.
Jesus presides over the redemptive justice of God.
Jesus will administer the final judgments of God.
Jesus will govern the world with God when the kingdoms of this    world fully become the kingdoms of God, which will make a reality    when he returns.
Jesus’ global governance will occur under God’s global reign from    Jerusalem, Israel.
That is why the rulers of the earth should worship the God do    homage to His son. (Ps. 2)

All of God’s plans and promises will be completed including the full    restoration of Israel.
Christians experience the blessing of Abraham because the law and    the redeemer came through Israel.
Israel is central to God’s global plans.

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