American Policy Roundtable Announces 40 Days of Prayer for Congress

The American Policy Roundtable today called upon all Americans to lift the United States Congress in prayer for the next 40 days. The call went out via the national radio broadcast, The Public Square®, produced by the Roundtable and aired on over 140 radio stations and translators coast-to-coast.

“Criticism of Congress is high in every city and town, but the responsibilities before this Congress are even higher” stated David Zanotti, President/CEO of the Roundtable. “In the healthcare debate alone, Congress is now facing decisions that will impact every American. These are decisions that have life and death consequences for every household.”

The Roundtable has produced a daily Congressional prayer list to help people pray through the entire U.S. Congress, both House and Senate, in the forty days between May 7th and June 15th, 2009. The list is found on the Roundtable’s homepage at Over one-million visitors log onto this site per year.

Individuals, churches, schools and organizations are all being invited by Internet email blasts to participate in the 40 Days of Prayer for Congress.

Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich are on the calendar for May 31 (25th day). Ohioans will be united in prayer
for their Representatives on June 6 and 7. Rep. Steve Austria day
is June 6. Dayton’s Rep. Mike Turner and House leaders John
Boehner and Dennis Kucinich are among others who will be remembered in Ohioans’ prayers.

For more information about 40 Days of Prayer for Congress, go here.

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