Change you can actually believe in…

I overheard a preacher talking about how the Roman Emperor Caligula used the slogan “change you can believe in.” He used it during his campaign to convince people of the Empire and their elite patrons in Rome to elect him as the new Caesar. The grand sales pitch was a promise to return imperial rule to the glory days of Caesar Augustus, and it worked.*

As we witnessed not many month ago, it also worked for the smooth talking junior senator from Illinois. And, many fundamentalists still believe Obama will yet make good on his sale pitch.

Did I say fundamentalists? Sorry, I meant to say secular fundamentalists.

Anyway, for those left behind in the dust of reality the “change you can believe in” is a slogan whose reality is fading away like a lot of other hot air.

In Xenia, however, genuine positive change is actually occurring. The following are some examples:

In February of this year, Roger’s Jewelry which operated for over twenty years at 76 Xenia Towne Square closed shop due to the economy. The former manager of Roger’s Jewelry has re-opened another jewelry store called Beyer Jewelers.

Downtown Cafe has re-opened at 104 North Detroit Street in the former space occupied by “What’s Brewing Café.”

Walgreen Pharmacy is open for business. It will initially employ 15-20 employees.

W & W Dry Cleaners is now operating at 75 West Main Street.

B.S. Systems Inc. is now operating at 141 Little Vine Street. This is a start up business that assembles and package machinery parts. (I’m not sure what the B.S. represents.)

Not only are new businesses opening or reopening, but other businesses are expanding their facilities to increase the enjoyment of patrons. For example,

Dairy Kings Delite located at 698 Cincinnati Avenue has expanded their outdoor patio sitting for their customers. Old-fashion ice cream cones and sundaes … yummm … my sweet tooth has fits just thinking about it.

Kennedy’s Korners, Inc. on West Second Street has added an outside patio sitting area for the customers of Cheng’s Restaurant and Carry-out.

In case you were capable of missing the sign at the corner of Main and Orange, the news is that Tim Horton Restaurant has added another feature to their restaurant and it now includes Coldstone Creamery. Coldstone Creamery services unique ice cream creations, smoothies, cakes and shakes. The unique feature of the ice cream is its final preparation on a frozen granite stone.

All of this real change may not convince the emperor to put his clothes back on, but it will sure counter his obscene economic tactics a little.

* I suspect what Caligula really meant by “change they all could believe in” was that everyone   would eventually believe in his deity. They would not only believe, but they would be unified   by worshiping him. I wonder how Obama is doing? He was being hailed as the messiah.

Sources: Grace Baptist Radio Broadcast, May 17, 2009 and
                  Development Corner Newsletter, April 2009

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