Xenia AIA Sports

In 2007, Athletes In Action constructed a state-of-the-art sports complex consisting of baseball, football and soccer fields. The complex hosts many high-profile sports tournaments, ranging from Collegiate Baseball games, Mid-American Conference Tournaments, American Mideast Conference Tournaments, OHSAA and many others. AIA Sports Complex is a highly sought after facility.

Last month, the Planning and Zoning Department approved the construction of a bleacher stand for the baseball fields. It will have 750 seats, media seating and other amenities. Considering the average team that competes at AIA brings 25 players and 4 coaches, the number of spectators including parents, friends, scouts, media and Xenia community members could be utilizing these much needed bleachers.

It would be a crime if I failed to mention the Xenia AIA team’s next at-home game is June 25. Game starts at 7pm.

For more information about AIA, its league and/or games, go to the AIA website at http://www.aiabaseball.org/greatlakes.

Source: Xenia Development Corner, May 2009.

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