The Obama “Birth Certificate” Scandal Continues

A story by David A. Patten noted that, contrary to widespread media reports, Hawaiian health officials have not publicly released President Obama’s original, “long-form” birth certificate. He explained, “Many media reports have insisted the President’s actual birth certificate is available on the Internet for anyone to download. It is not.” What is posted, he noted, is Obama’s “certification of live birth.”

Patten said, “The document is essentially a summary of the actual long form birth certificate. The certification does not list the attending physician, the address or hospital where the delivery took place, or the parents’ occupation. Typically, this information is included on the birth certificate.”

A certified birth certificate a state seal stamp on it. The seal prominently displayed by MSNBC anchor Brian Williams was not from Obama’s birth certificate. A good reason not to show a close up of the entire thing.

Cliff Kincaid, the editor of Accuracy in Media, has released a copy of his own birth certificate, in order to demonstrate what needs to be done to resolve the growing controversy over the alleged birth certificate of President Barack Obama. “My birth certificate includes the names of my mother and father, my mother’s doctor, and the hospital in which I was born,” said Kincaid. “This certified copy of an original long form document is what anyone who wants to be president should be prepared to produce.”

By contrast, the “birth certificate” released by the Obama presidential campaign includes no name of a hospital, a location of that hospital, or a physician. “The contrast between what is on so many birth certificates for ordinary Americans, such as mine, versus what the Obama campaign has released, is striking,” said Kincaid. “This contrast is what accounts for the many questions that have arisen and which have given rise to the so-called ‘Birther’ Movement. Many ordinary Americans are wondering why the major media have not explained why the Obama ‘birth certificate’ is so lacking in basic and essential information about where he was born and which doctor by name was there when he was born. If he was born in Hawaii, as he claims, then this information should be readily available and printed on the original birth certificate.”

If Obama has a legitimate birth certificate, why has he spent nearly one million dollars to conceal it from public view? What does he have to hide? Could it be his foreign born status?

As Kincaid asked, “Whatever happened to the public’s right to know?”

Surely, Obama and the Democrat Party leaders are not so contemptuous toward the voting public–or should I say those who voted against him–that they disregard their right to know whether a man holding the highest office satisfies the legal requirements under Constitutional law? Maybe, they sincerely believe all Americans should trust federal bureaucrats. More likely, they believe their presumed authority exceeds that the people and the U.S. Constitution. Tyrants always do.

To read the entire Accuracy in Media Report published on September 2, 2009, go here.

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