Semi-Annual Hydrant Flushing Week, Oct. 19-13

A few weeks ago I bought a bar of soap imported from Jordan. That is the foreign county Jordan, which also possesses a slice of the Jordan River. Actually, I didn’t buy the soap because of exotic origins. I bought it because it contain salt and mud from the Jordan River.

Why would anyone buy a soap with mud in it, you ask?

Well, out of curiosity. I wanted to know what it was like to wash with soap containing salt and mud from notorious Jordan River.

I quickly discovered that bathing with Jordan mud soap eventually began to smell and taste like … well … like salty mud.

Imagine that!

Xenia resident will get a change to see, feel and taste muddy water this week, October 19-23. Why? Because this is the semi-annual fire hydrant flushing week. Whenever the city flushes out the hydrants, the water turn muddy brown.

If you want to find out what water mixed with salt and mud from the Jordan River is like, just add some sea salt to your glass of water, cup of coffee, tea, or you bath and enjoy.

So that you’all won’t miss out on a muddy Jordan River like experience, I have included the city’s fire hydrant flushing schedule below. City workers will begin flushing hydrants at 8:30AM and end at 3:00 PM.

Mon. 10/19: North of W. Church St., North of Market St. and North of W. Main St. and West of N. Detroit St. (Beverly Hills, Timber Ridge and Laynewood Plats)
Tues. 10/20: West of St. Rt. 35 and Northwest of Bellbrook Ave. (The Colorado Sections of Arrowhead, Sterling Green, Childers and the Reserve of Xenia)
Wed. 10/21: North of East Church St. and East of N. Detroit St. including Amlin
Heights and Old Springfield Pike. (Stadium Heights and Greene Memorial Hospital Areas)
Thur. 10/22: South of Main Street, East of US 35 and North of Bellbrook Ave. South of Church Street and North of Third Street, East to the Corporation Limit.
Fri. 10/23: South of E. Third Street and East of Cincinnati Ave. Also included is Wright Cycle Estates.

Warning: Washing clothes and other stainable materials is not recommended while water is muddy. Letting your water softener recycle could prolong the fabulously muddy experience. Too much of a strangely good thing could not turn out to be such a good thing.

The same can be said of washing with muddy Jordan soap–trust me.

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