New book series written by teens for teens

In January 2007, the founders of The Benchmark Group, who had been in the publishing business for a combination of more than 50 years, decided to form a company to launch a line of books written by teens for teens: The Young Writers Series.

The rationale behind the Youth Writers Series is simple: Give creative youth an outlet, a market, to speak to their world. Yes, Benchmark Group makes some money, writers make some money, and readers get affordable books that appeal to them.

Moreover, fresh young voices speak clearly to their generation. Their topics range from fantasy to free verse to the fight for freedom. Their writings are clever, historically accurate and, often, just plain fun.

Some recent titles by teens include “White Star” by Rebecca Wilson. This book of accurate historical fiction explores life in both 1912 and today. Creating two young characters who share their lives across time and space of both worlds. Another book by 14 year old Hannah Reeves is titled “By the Grace of God.” Grace is life during the Civil War. Reeves explores how families do and ought to respond to war.
Not all book are historical fiction. “Centaur’s Door” and “The Line” are fantasy fiction. One explores overcoming persecution and abuse in the fantasy world of centaurs and the other explores battling the darkness of evil through the power of good.

If you are a young writer looking for a way to share your ideas, check out Benchmark Group website at

According to their website, the company name was chosen because a benchmark is a standard of excellence. The Benchmark Group desires to give excellent service and to be obedient to God in all our service, publications, and dealings with authors, clients and customers. Because the Biblical standard is the ultimate benchmark, it is the standard to which they hold themselves to. Therefore, Benchmark Group books are meticulously edited for clarity and accuracy and never contain offensive material or language.

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