Xenia Leaf Pick Up Schedule

City workers will pick up leafs only once (not twice) this year. That’s the thanks taxpayers get for electing federal politicians who create recessions and for not voting to increase city taxes.

Be that as it may, if you want your leafs picked up by city workers, you must first rack them into piles along the curb. You must also keep vehicles a minimum of 10 feet away from your pile during the entire week of the scheduled pick up in your area (Monday-Friday). Last but not least, leaf piles must contain nothing but leafs–trees, tree limbs, old siding, appliances, furniture, bikes, cars, or any other objects.

The [remaining] lead pick up schedule is as follows:

Nov 17-23
Neighbors west of US35 Bypass including New Arrowhead, Windsor Park, Reserve of Xenia, Sterling Green and Wright Cycles Estates. (Zone 2)

Nov 20-Dec 4
Southeast section from Church St. and continuing south to include East End, South End, South Hill and Old Arrowhead east of US 35 Bypass. (Zone 3)

Dec 7-11
All of Laynewood neighborhoods and the neighborhoods that include Charles, Maple and Center Streets. (Zone 4)

To see a map of zones and streets, see the city’s map or list.

This is a one-shot deal. So, leaf owners make the best of it.

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