Austria announces WPAFB commission…

By Andy Myers

I sure hope this time around, the people of Greene County don’t fall again for Steve Austria’s “re-election” photo op he’s so well known for. The pictures of Steve meeting with various community leaders, students and business leaders are nothing but visual campaign ads he’s hoping might get him re-elected to a second term to the District of Criminals.

Mr. Austria is nothing more than a career tax-feeder, uh, I mean politician. He’s been groomed early on and is the “chosen one” with the local Republican Party. You get to be the “chosen one” because you sell out the Constitution and the oath you swore to uphold, and instead insure nothing drastically changes that would upset the “balance of power” here at home. Mr. Austria is also “bought and paid for” by the same old major players and special interests in our district who cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to his election campaign to insure our confiscated tax-dollars flow back “to them” so that they can graciously put us poor saps back to work on our dime, all thanks to them. It’s nothing more than “welfare” and a redistribution of your hard earned money to “pay to play” players in his district.

Mr. Austria fits right in with the socialist philosophy in Washington. He voted FOR HR 1388, Obama Camps or better known as Generation Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act. Somewhere in the Constitution he saw where he along with the other confiscators could vote FOR the Garrett amendment to HR 3269 authorizing another $2 Billion for the Cash for Clunkers. He voted FOR HR 2647 or the Hate Crimes Creation Act. And the list goes on. But hopefully this should be sufficient to get the good people of Congressional District 7 to hand Mr. Austria his pink slip in 2010.

We don’t need another politician who embraces the political ideologies of socialism. We need a leader who will stand up against those who have taken America to the brink of destruction. We need a statesman who understands and takes seriously the oath they swear by. We need someone who understands the limits of federal law according to article 1 section 8, someone who will represent the people instead of going along with the party and the beltway mafia. We need another Dr. NO in congress.

Andy Myers is Region Coordinator of the Ohio Freedom Alliance

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