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Steve Austria: Why he quit

(RE: “Austria bows out to avoid primary,” Dayton Daily News, Dec. 31, 2012) Steve Austria, Dave Hobson’s hand-picked successor, claims he is “not going to run for Congress next term as a result of the redistricting map.” Really? Here’s a career politician who for the past five elections has tried to convince his constituents that he will fight for them in Columbus and Washington, and now he’s dropping out because his Party redrew the map? Sorry, but if you believe that now, and you supported Austria since he was elected State Rep in 1998, you have taken foolish to a new level.

This was not Austria’s decision. The GOP elitists, led by House Speaker John Boehner, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Even more disgusting is the Republican Party spin. “I’d like to be one of the first to thank Steve for his service to Ohio and our country,” says Mike Turner. Former Congressman Dave Hobson, who endorsed Austria twice for Congress, says, “(Austria) made the best choice – a graceful exit with integrity and honor.” And Montgomery County GOP Chairman Greg Gantt complimented Austria for doing what was best for the Republican Party by avoiding a costly battle. Make no mistake about it; Steve Austria did what was best for Steve Austria.

When the truth comes out regarding Austria’s undisclosed conflict of interest relationships with 501(c) non-profit corporations Nextedge Development Corporation (Springfield), the Dayton Development Coalition and the University of Dayton*, it will become crystal clear why lap-dog Steve Austria has now become a liability to the GOP. And it’s my guess that when Austria goes down, he’ll take more than a few familiar faces with him.

*The “smoking gun”: Steve Austria’s Federal Financial Disclosure Statements filed on May 15, 2008 (Form B) and May 24, 2011 (Form A), www.legistorm.com

Austria announces WPAFB commission…

By Andy Myers

I sure hope this time around, the people of Greene County don’t fall again for Steve Austria’s “re-election” photo op he’s so well known for. The pictures of Steve meeting with various community leaders, students and business leaders are nothing but visual campaign ads he’s hoping might get him re-elected to a second term to the District of Criminals.

Mr. Austria is nothing more than a career tax-feeder, uh, I mean politician. He’s been groomed early on and is the “chosen one” with the local Republican Party. You get to be the “chosen one” because you sell out the Constitution and the oath you swore to uphold, and instead insure nothing drastically changes that would upset the “balance of power” here at home. Mr. Austria is also “bought and paid for” by the same old major players and special interests in our district who cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to his election campaign to insure our confiscated tax-dollars flow back “to them” so that they can graciously put us poor saps back to work on our dime, all thanks to them. It’s nothing more than “welfare” and a redistribution of your hard earned money to “pay to play” players in his district.

Mr. Austria fits right in with the socialist philosophy in Washington. He voted FOR HR 1388, Obama Camps or better known as Generation Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act. Somewhere in the Constitution he saw where he along with the other confiscators could vote FOR the Garrett amendment to HR 3269 authorizing another $2 Billion for the Cash for Clunkers. He voted FOR HR 2647 or the Hate Crimes Creation Act. And the list goes on. But hopefully this should be sufficient to get the good people of Congressional District 7 to hand Mr. Austria his pink slip in 2010.

We don’t need another politician who embraces the political ideologies of socialism. We need a leader who will stand up against those who have taken America to the brink of destruction. We need a statesman who understands and takes seriously the oath they swear by. We need someone who understands the limits of federal law according to article 1 section 8, someone who will represent the people instead of going along with the party and the beltway mafia. We need another Dr. NO in congress.

Andy Myers is Region Coordinator of the Ohio Freedom Alliance

Austria’s Contracting Commission An Insult To Wright Patt Professionals

By John Mitchel

RE: “Contracting process discussed,” Dayton Daily News, December 7, 2009

Steve Austria’s Blue Ribbon Commission on contracting is a classic example of “moral hazard,” or dishonest agents manufacturing a need that doesn’t exist. The tragic irony in Congressman Austria’s action is that he is asking special interests to “shed a light on the contracting process” that is dictated by Congress and Congress alone. Wright Patt acquisition professionals are bound by law to follow rules and regulations that emerge from Congress, so if Austria thinks he needs to alter or fix the process, he needs to go back to Washington and deal with the other 534 members of that “elite” body.

The simple truth is; Austria’s Blue Ribbon Commission is a reelection tool. He realizes he has done little to warrant a second term, and with the May 2010 primary approaching, he’s desperate to convince his constituents, not to mention his campaign contributors that he deserves the opportunity to get two years closer to qualifying for lucrative retirement and healthcare benefits, and other perks that go along with belonging to that elitist group known as “career politicians.”

Steve Austria’s motives are an open book and have been for years, but if you still aren’t convinced, a simple question will seal the deal. Ask Mr. Austria how he feels about term limits, self-imposed or otherwise. His answer will probably go like this, revealing yet another moral hazard – Mr. Austria most likely will respond, “I cannot leave Congress because no one else is capable of serving the 7th District as well as I can.” That is the deception that plagues America, and will continue to do so until we elect citizen legislators who serve the people, then return to their hometowns and families to enjoy the liberty and freedom they helped protect.

Rep. Steve Austria Commission On WPAFB Contracting With Local Business

In a recent Dayton Daily News report, Rep. Steve Austria announced the formation of a local commission to study ways to improve contracting relations of area business with Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

The goal of commission of 20 regional industry, academic, and government leaders is to study WPAFB is to find ways to assist area business win more contracts. Another goal is assist the Pentagon with its plan to identify and hire defense contractor employees in order to expand its work force of contracting specialists for acquiring aircraft, weapons and services.

The completion of the commission’s study is expected to take about 5 months. Austria plans to share the final report with the community.

The news report failed to mention is goal of helping the business community take full advantage of the huge government stimulus under HR 1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 being used to fund new building programs at federal institutions like Wright Patterson AFB and the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals.