Gas and Oil Rush to Israel–Will Russia and Her Muslim Allies Too?

If memory serves, Dallas Seminary Professor John Walvoord writing about middle east oil and end time prophecy, predicted Russia would lead a confederacy of Arab nations against Israel enticed to gain control of Israel’s oil supplies. Like other prophecy teachers, Walvoord believed this was the hook God would use to draw Israel’s enemies to the final showdown at Armageddon.

A recent article in the on-line magazine, Israel Today, announced expectation of Israel becoming the center of a new ‘oil and gas rush’ of western oil producers. According to the Israeli financial newspaper Globes, the largest natural gas reserve (122 trillion cubic feet) was discovered as well as a 1.7 billion barrel crude oil reserve in the Levant Basin.

God has given the people of his covenanted land another weapon potentially of equal power her enemies in the international politics of oil. Just as the Islamic nations use oil against Israel and Russia uses them for their geopolitical agendas, Israel’s new resource may tip the perceive scale of power inciting the response previewed by the prophets like Ezekiel, John, the writer of the book Revelation, and Prof. Walvoord’s Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis.

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