Maagar Mochot Poll: Israelis oppose Obama imposed deal, division of Jerusalem and relying on American guarantees in deal with Palestinians

By Dr. Aaron Lerner

Israeli Jews overwhelmingly oppose (83%:8%) President Obama imposing a Palestinian-Israeli agreement and also oppose (70%:19%) freezing construction in Jerusalem according to a telephone poll of a representative sample of 503 adult Israeli Jews, by Maagar Mohot Survey Institute (headed by Professor Yitzchak Katz) carried out 11-12 April.

The poll, that was commissioned by Independent Media Review & Analysis (IMRA), also found that respondents believe (69%:13%) that the division of Jerusalem with international control of the Old City would lead to ongoing conflict rather than peace for generations.

Israeli Jews overwhelming (79%:9%) support Prime Minister Binyamin’s
position that Israel must control the Jordan Valley in any arrangements with the Palestinians.

The poll also found consistent rejection of relying on American guarantees in arrangements with the Palestinians. Respondent overwhelmingly (80%:12%) reject the proposal that the U.S. could deliver on a guaranty that a Palestinian state would remain demilitarized. Israeli Jews also reject (69%:22%) the suggestion that Israel could relinquish territories that are today considered critical for its security if the U.S. signed a defense pact with Israel.

Respondents also consider it improper (68%:16%) for Israelis who support plans opposed by Netanyahu to encourage President Obama to impose their plans.

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