Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Life Saving Legislation

The Viable Infants Protection Act (House Bill 78) was introduced by Representatives Uecker and Kristina Roegner. The Viable Infants Protection Act prohibits abortion after 20 weeks when the child is proved to be viable and can live outside the womb. Greene County Representatives Jarrod Martin and Roger Hackett are among its co-sponsors.

House Bill 79 was introduced by Representatives Danny Bubp and Joe Uecker and co-sponsored by Martin and Hackett. HB 79 excludes abortion coverage from the State Exchange created in the federal health care reform law. The Federal law includes a provision allowing states to opt out of abortion coverage.

A related bill would revise Ohio’s current Judicial Bypass for Parental Consent law. House Bill 63 will strengthen current law by requiring a “clear and convincing evidence” standard, requiring judges to specifically inquire about the minor’s understanding of the possible physical and emotional complications of an abortion, and requiring judges to question how much the minor has been prepped to respond to such questions.

Representatives Ron Young and Lynn Slaby sponsored HB 63 with Representatives Martin and Hackett among its numerous co-sponsors.

The Ohio Right to Life supports these life saving bills and asks Ohioans to support them as well. Visit the Ohio Right to Life website to find how. (http://www.ohiolife.org)

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