Sex Trafficking Revelations Prompt Noon Demonstration Outside Planned Parenthood

Human rights advocates will gather in the public right of way today outside the Planned Parenthood offices across nation and Ohio from Noon to 1 PM to hold a “Vigil for Victims” of underage sex trafficking. The vigil will raise awareness in the community about the recent undercover video investigation that caught Planned Parenthood red-handed in the act of aiding and abetting underage sex trafficking of girls as young as 14. The vigil will also call upon Congress to immediately strip Planned Parenthood of its $363 million in annual taxpayer funding.

The local vigils will join with other Vigils for Victims being held today outside Planned Parenthood offices nationwide to reveal the danger the organization poses to women and girls. These gatherings represent a massive grassroots response to the undercover sting operation that documented Planned Parenthood workers at multiple locations across several states assuring an undercover investigator posing as a pimp that the organization would secretly provide abortions and other sex services to underage victims of human trafficking, helping to facilitate their exploitation. More information about the coast-to-coast vigils can be found at:

Federal law is clear: “Sex trafficking of minors is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment for 10 years to life.” (18 U.S. Code 1591) Also, “any person who aids abets, or counsels a federal crime to be committed may be punished as if they had committed the crime themselves.” (18 U.S. Code 2)

The nearest Planned Parenthood Health Center is located in Fairborn.

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