May 3 Election Results

Xenia voters passed two school renewal levies

In my previous post, I had the renewal levies reversed. Issue 3 was the 1.3 mill levy on property that will be used for renovating one of the schools for new offices. Issue 3 passed with 58% for and 42% against. Issue 4 was the 1/2% income tax renewal used for daily operation of schools. It was renewed by 10% voter margin, 55% for and 45% against.

The 1/2% income tax that passed with the bond issue also was for building renovations, repairs, and the like. Along with the renewed 1/2% income tax levy and 1.3 mill levy, Xenia schools officials will be able to continue fixing emergency issues like declining of income from investments (e.g, buying textbooks 70 fewer classrooms), turning good school buildings into new administrative offices, and repairing the 3 existing school buildings.

If they maintain those 3 building as they did the run-down elementary schools and the current administrative offices, those school building will surely be in dire need of being replaced in a few years.

Of course, a new high school complex would be nice I’m sure. But, what of the junior high/middle schools?

I hear Warner Jr. High already needs replaced. Maybe school officials will actually use some of the renewed money to renovate that school building. Most likely, they will not. Instead, they will let the remaining schools catch up to Warner’s condition. Then they will offer to place all junior high students in the not quite as run down high school facility. Poor junior highers they are only worthy of an old raunchy high school building.

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