Do Nice Guys Lose & Bad Boys Win?

A recent study published by the American Psychological Association found that women are more attracted to men who look shameful, brooding or prideful and that men who smile are actually seen as less attractive.

NeW author, Danielle, traces this phenomenon back to the 19th Century. See seems to attribute it as an acculturated attraction conditioned by the popular print and media of the past. After listing some examples of more recent films that depict this phenomenon, she makes this interesting statement:

Nice guys, are you still reading this? I am sure all this talk of “bad boys” is a bit demoralizing, but I have an important piece of information for you:

Women may be attracted to bad boys, but women fall in love with men who smile, joke, are nice, well-mannered, and treat them well. Those are the relationships that last long term, says the study, and many women will attest to that from experience. No matter how enticing the bad boy is, the nice guy will get the girl in the real world.

So there is hope for the “nice guys” of the world after all, at least according some at New Enlightened Women’s organization.

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