The GOP Presidential Race, and Sarah Palin?

The Republican race for presidential nomination is gaining momentum. According to a recent Ramussen Poll, Mitt Romney leads the pack by 33 percent. Tea partier Michelle Bachmann is gaining on him. Right now, she has 19% of the polled votes. Not far behind Bachman is Herman Cain.

I think Michelle Bachmann is the better candidate. Both candidates have substantial business experience, but Romney is a stuffed suit. His is filled with political jelly, which no doubt keeps him afloat. He rides the waves of the political waters to his political advantage. His tossed-in-the-wind record also has benefited left-wing party agenda.

Did I forget to mention Bachmann is better looking than Romney?

Surprisingly, a majority of Tea Partiers favor shifty Mitt and not TP candidate Bachman. Of those polled by Ramussen, 36% favor Romney and 26% prefer Bachmann. It is tempting to think that the poltically savvy Tea Partiers could possibly be duped by shifty Mitty.

While Tea Partiers favor Romney–the past loser, they also Smarty Sarah should run for president again. Even she is better looking than Romney too, a majority of non-Teas Partiers seem to think a run for the presidency by Palin would hurt Republican chances to regain the White House.

What do they know, anyway?

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