Girls Illegal Lemonade Stand Busted By Midland Police, Saved by King Juice Company

WJCL News, Savannah Georgia, broke the news about police shutting down a Midland lemonade stand operating in Midland. The start-up business ran by three elementary age girls was shut down by police because they had no business permit. It turns out the permit would cost $50 per day with an annual fee of $180. At 25 cents a glass, the girls would have had to sell 202 glasses of the juice per day to break even. The report did not indicate how much the girl needed to raise to attend a regional theme park, which was their primary business goal.

With international pressure on the police and the unprecented move by King Juice Company to partner with girl’s defuncte business, the Midland lemonade stand has been reopened. King Juice Co. is now supplying their famous Calypso Lemonade products to the girls along with investment funding for start-up costs such as Midland business permit fees.

Now, is this entrepreneurial capitalism at its finest or what?

Sources: Family Security Matters, July 18, 2011.

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