Dealing with the Debt Limit

By Representative Steve Austria

With the national unemployment reaching 9.2 percent recently, it is clear that the borrowing and spending policies of this Administration have not worked. Since January 2009 took office, the national debt has increased by $3.7 trillion. And now, our federal treasury has literally reached its limit. With the debt ceiling limit set to be reached August 2, I am working tirelessly with my Republican colleagues to pass a bill that will ensure the federal government remains open and pays its bills and obligations. Earlier this year I joined my colleagues in voting NO to raising the debt ceiling when it was offered as a standalone bill as we should not be giving out a blank check that puts the tab on our children and grandchildren. As the negotiations continue, there must be three structural changes within the compromise: 1) the spending cuts must exceed the debt limit; 2) we must cut up the credit card and stop the egregious Washington borrowing and spending; and 3) we must do this all without increasing taxes on hardworking Americans and job creators.

I have long-opposed this Administration’s spending spree and huge expansion of government in our lives, which in the past 18 months has included the $2 trillion government takeover of health care, the $1 trillion “stimulus” package, and countless “bailouts.” I have supported putting our country back on a Path to Prosperity by helping our job creators and I support the efforts to balance the budget.

It is time to take America in a new direction. Right now, Republicans control the House of Representatives, which is only 1/3 of the federal government, but we are committed to representing the American people. And for our families in the 7th District of Ohio, I know times are tough, but please be assured that I will continue to work to reverse the wasteful Washington spending that has plagued families and small businesses in Ohio.

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