Sleep, Religion and Politics

Kelly Bulkeley is a scholar who specializes in dream research. Some of his books include Dreaming in the Classroom, American Dreaming, and Dreaming in the World’s Religions. From his research, Bulkeley has discovered the following:

1. Conservatives are more likely to sleep well and report fewer dreams, and liberals are more likely to sleep worse and report more dreams.

2. The most religiously observant Americans (attend a worship service more than once a week) report better sleep and fewer dreams than the least religious Americans (never attend a worship service).

3. A surprisingly frequent type of dream among both conservatives and liberals is a nightmare about work.

It must be stated here that school students would do well not to dream in the classroom. They will get better grades and therefore parents will sleep better. As for religion and politics, I wonder if liberals give their conservative neighbors nightmares or cause them other forms sleep disturbances. Of course, if both regard each other as fascist or Nazis, it is likely that nightmares and sleep deprivations are mutual experiences.

Kelly Bulkeley’s website is

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