Ohio Heart Beat Bill Again Before the Senate

Ohio’s pro-life Heartbeat Bill (H.B.125) passed the Ohio House in June 2011. It is now in the Ohio Senate with the second hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Opponents of the bill want the part that legally would protect babies with detectable heartbeats removeed from the bill. They want to cut the heart out of the Heartbeat Bill–and make it an “informed consent” bill only–without any legal protection for the baby. Ohio is just a “heartbeat” away from saving 90% – 95% of babies from abortion, but the next two weeks are crucial to th passage of the bill.

That is why Citizens for Community Values asks all Ohio citizens to urge the Ohio Senate not only to pass the Heartbeat Bill by Christmas but also without “gutting” the bill before the coming floor vote.

For a directory of your senators, go here: http://www.ohiosenate.gov/directory.html

Key Senate leaders are:

+ Senate President Tom Niehaus (614) 466-8082
+ Senator Scott Oelslager (614) 466-0626
+ Senator Shannon Jones (614) 466-9737
+ Senator Keith Faber (614) 466-7584
+ Senator Peggy Lehner (614) 466-4538
+ Senator Troy Balderson (614) 466-8076
+ Senator Dave Burke (614) 466-8049
+ Senator Tom Patton (614) 466-8056
+ Senator Kris Jordan (614) 466-8086

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