Lives Saved, Reports In From Around the World

By Daniel Downs

Lives saved from certain death continue coming in at the 40 Days for Life headquarters in Virginia. The latest count is 688 unborn children were spared death by abortion. Men and women, young and old, hit took their message to the streets throughout nations like Australia, Poland, Spain, Ireland, and even England.

Birminham England

Literally, people paraded through the streets of Birmingham protesting against abortion. In London, they held vigils near abortion clinics and government offices. Night and day, campaigners prayed for government officials, abortion clinic workers, and especially for mothers considering abortion. Besides oppostion by media and clinics, campaigners got to explain to women contemplating abortion and to others their biblical view about life and abortion. For 40 days, they exercised the religious freedom long fought for and won by the heirs of the Reformation, which freedom includes freedom of speech and assembly. Even in cold Montreal Quebec weather, people spoke out in public for the right to life of the unborn.

Modesto California

The same is true of Americans. Across the United States, Americans also exercised their liberty to speak out for the the lives of the unborn. In Modesto California, campaigners showed a father and daughter what a fetus looked like 12 and 16 week. When two came out of the clinic, they told the Modesto group they had changed their minds. Over 688 women made the same decision during the 40 Days for Life.

Students for Life of America recently reported 3 babies were saved from abortion as a result of their college campus based campaigns. Three different local campus groups reported mothers changing their minds about abortion and choosing life for their unborn children. In each case, members of the local SFLA organizations were given the opportunity to continue working with each mother in dealing with their concerns and issues.

With the approach of Easter, what better way to celebrate the resurrection of life than by the deliverance of innocent lives from the modern version of ancient Egypt’s infanticide, which was an effort to destroy the promise of God. Easter extends the promise of a life of freedom to life eternal with God.

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